Friday, August 26, 2005

New here

So I just moved to Vegas a few months ago from a much more temperate climate. Evidently, Vegas is having a hotspell (300 degrees vs 299 degrees) Frankly, after a certain temperature it doesn't really matter it is just hot.

It's a bit surreal going out and seeing people dressed in formal wear standing in line next to people wearing fanny packs. I also noticed the more sparkle the better. Understated is definitely not a word people understand here.

The locals, for some reason try to pretend the strip doesn't exist. They shudder if you mention it. If I use it in my direction asking, I am looked at like, oh you're new. I have no problems admitting it, whereas my husband, is trying to pretend he was born here. He already throws around the lingo. Tropicana = Trop, 95/15 junction = Spaghetti Bowl.


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