Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Las Vegas Bites

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This past week weekend was Vegas Bites. It’s their version of every other major city out there TASTE OF .... For those that don’t know, the restaurants have booths and serve samplers, or bites, of their food and charge anywhere from $1-$5. It was medium size as far as these events go.

This year the performers included OK GO! and appearances by Gilby and Lucas of Rockstar Supernova fame (where the other guys were, no clue... I would imagine Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino.

Though I don’t have a picture of it, our favorite Indian restaurant, Origin India was there. We eat there so often that they recognized us and gave us extra food. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, however, I am so in love with Indian food I didn’t care.

Another highlight was my Yard o’ Margarita. It just isn’t an event or anywhere fun in LV without the margarita yardstick being served. This one was courtesy of La Salsa. There’s a big bowl of margarita at the bottom of this yard that I can’t make appear in this picture. I will have to casually bring it up at a MAC lesson. Jody- this is where fingerless gloves would come in handy. My hand wouldn’t get cold cupping the drink yet my tight little fingers could still stay grippy without spilling a drop.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sock WIPs

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I’m taking Socktoberfest seriously. OK maybe it’s that I feel like knitting but I am in that you know the I want to knit, but not sure what to commit to.

The blueish sock is Opal- I think one of the rain forrest ones. I can’t remember now. The second is sock yarn I bought (yes do you fucking believe I am buying sock yarn considering the socky stash I have???) I couldn’t resist. I was in Santa Fe... I was on my way to Taos... I was just ITCHING to buy some yarn. It didn’t hurt that it is in my 2 fav colors green and burgandy. The neat gimmicky thing about Austermann is they put aloe & jojoba in the yarn (how long that will last no clue.) It’s weird because switching between the 2, was soft- scratchy- soft- scratchy. It’s not like Opal is scratchy or probably this isn’t as soft as I think, but the combo... Notice the blue one is ready to join it’s mate. I knit this way, so I am always completing and half through another pair at the same time-- double accomplishment to me. Yes, my life is a series of negotiations and mind tricks on myself.

My next sock that will join the second mate of the Austermann is another Opal, that seems nice and fally (I probably won’t finish it until spring and then I will say it is nice and summery ;) I haven’t decided on the pattern, so if any suggestions for this bad boy, let me know.

I also thought I would include some yarn that I got from Taos :

The blue will end up in Germany...unless of course the middle one is preferred. The vendor recommends it for sock yarn, but I haven’t decided. I love the left one, I am thinking of making gloves. I don’t know yet.

BTW, the middle one, as well as the Austermann sock yarn is one of a few examples where Javajem and I grabbed for the same things. We have enough similar tastes that if I ever become a shut in, I can just send her out with cash and tell her to buy 2 of everything. That’s a very comforting thought for some reason... especially because I can also be very indecisive.

As I blog I am watching Shopgirl. I LOVED the story of quiet desperation told in Steve Martin’s first novella. So I have a soft spot for the movie. It’s a rainy day today so I am staying inside switching between this movie and The Waterboy- same theme just told differently. I’ve seen them each a bunch of times ever since I TIVO’d them last weekend. Yes, I can watch or listen to something over and over. I’m like a child that way. Maybe once Dancing With the Stars gains momentum (and I’ll be able to skip the commercials, the you better vote or a kitten will die lectures, the review of last week etc etc) I will switch to that.

Last few notes:
For SP9rs: You selected a winner, “I realize that I want a hug from Mr. T” had all the concise quirky charm expected from a random fact.

Everyone else: I think I fixed the picture issue. Are they coming up faster?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shelby's questions

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Actor - Ewan McGregor
Actress - Ewan McGregor
Animal - Otter
Band - Bowie, The Proclaimers
Book - Anything by John Irving
Bubble Bath - anything really bubbly
Candy - Chocolate
Color - Green 
Drink- rootbeer, lemonade
Flower - stock
Food - mac ‘n’ cheese, curry
Lip Balm - anything really waxy
Lotion - no pref
Movie - Valley Girl
Place- anywhere by the sea
Song - Take It On the Run
TV Show - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Top Chef, Maury (come on those Babydaddy episodes are the best!)
Yarn- anything in my hot little hands
Vacation Spot - Aruba

I finished FETCHING last night. They are a gift for someone that loves green, but then after I made them, I realized that the scarf I made for her last year is almost the exact color made from Knit Picks Andean Silk. BTW, was not great to work with it was splitty and got fuzzy... you know like sometimes when yarn is overworked or washed rough it gets really really used looking. I didn’t overwork it and it just did not seem to hold up great. But back to this year and Fetching:

I was able to whip these up in an evening so I might keep this for myself and make her a pair in darker green (which I have thanks to my SP8) or black. Who knows they might end up under the couch with everything else I knit thanks to the ferrets.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shane, Man of Many Words and Few Teeth

OK accident of the 5 prevented me from getting to my MAC lesson so I will have to wait until later this week, early next to resolve blogline problem. Until then posting text only on blogger... if you wanna see pics... go to


Now the post:
Tomorrow I have a MAC lesson so hopefully I will have the RSS feed resolved.

Last night I saw The Pogues (full original line-up.) The band was really tight, though more poignant was watching Shane McGowan. His long battles with drugs/alcohol can be readily seen in his face and as he stumbled around the stage. His voice was still wonderful, but he had the drunken toddler walk. Let’s just say there are no more worries of him jumping off the stage and picking fights. Those days are long over. He did have a drink and a cig in his hands the whole time-- it wouldn’t feel like Shane otherwise. (Random fact: When WHN worked on the road, had to be Shane’s babysitter and make sure he got on stage and kept the whiskey down to 3 bottles. I can only imagine how many people have to watch him in Vegas to keep him from wandering off... there’s all sorts of ways for him to get into trouble in here-- and I don’t just mean eating too many 99 cent shrimp cocktails.) The picture is from my cellphone when they did FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK--My favorite all time Pogues song and WHN’s name fav Christmas song of all time. In the end when they waltz, she was totally holding him up-- just like Kristy McColl used to have to do.

(Second Random fact: Spider (tin whistle) got married yesterday in Vegas.

I had a spinning breakthrough! Turns out that learning to spin with merino sheep was a bad idea. It evidently to slick for a newbie spinner with no skills. I switched to Lincoln sheep and it is working out much better because the fibers are much grippier if that makes sense (hope you don’t get lost in my techno-jumble ;) I have a huge bag of it now and hopefully once I work my way through it, I will be able to kick Merino’s ass.

I’m still working out the kinks... and the not spun enough as you see in the center of the spindle.

On the knitting front, the ferrets stole my knitting to a new hiding area so my socks (they really don’t seem concerned that it’s SOCKTOBERFEST at all) and Fetching are at a stand still. Again, I knew the ferrets like to steal, I just didn’t think it would be my stuff. Yes, before you even go there, I envision them to be little cat burglars that would be go out and bring me back diamond necklaces, sports cars, boats etc.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I've moved.

Im still working out the glitches... but I wont be updating this blog anymore.


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