Monday, September 08, 2008

Knitting Emergency

We got free tickets through House Seats to Showtime Boxing out at State Line (I know I know, PRIMM) at Buffalo Bills. WHN loves boxing, and I can veg and knit, so I don't mind so much going. I do get quite a few odd, look at the sociopath looks while a knit and watch the pummeling.

knitting at boxing match

I love knitting measuring things. I can never have enough measuring tapes or rulers, and this was so true Friday night because I didn't have a thing to measure with!! I search through my bag a million times as if my thoughts would create one. I'm near a point at a change in the pattern, so I am getting desperate. I look for something I could use that I knew the measurement of, and WHN suggests a dollar bill.

I ask WHN if he knows how long one is? He says 6". I ask how does he know? He replies, "What's 6" and makes a woman happy? A 100 hundred dollar bill" As much as I would like to rely on a old chauvinistic joke, I think I should confirm this source. I search through my phone list with the criteria 1) knitter so would understand and probably near knitting so near tape measure 2) even if thought was a pain in the ass, would still measure a buck for me 3) my time zone. Dani fit all these criteria! She came through too, and I could fold up the bill for smaller measurements. She totally saved my cookies! Now if she could just teach WHN a better dirty joke.

I think I am going to measure everything that I keep in my purse and label the measurements and stick on the objects.

We had 7 matches. Some quicker than others.

One was a female match for a belt. Melissa Hernandez vs Ella Nunez. Melissa enters the ring to Michael Jackson and dances for a few minutes which I think random, but her opponent is not amused.

Don't hit me!

Thanks Dani, you saved my night. Not knitting at boxing, would have done in my head.

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Blogger Javajem said...

6 inches huh? Tell WHN to keep on dreaming! hehehe!!!

Hope you didn't get any blood on your knitting from all the fighting!

12:38 PM  
Blogger danidocrafty said...

The really funny thing is I was out at dinner with my boyfriend, but I happened to have knitting in my purse with me and therefore I had a measuring tape too. :) And Mike found it hilarious that I was the go to gal for knitting emergencies.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Jinann said...

What a fabulous way to get in some knitting time.

I had to laugh.....I too have been places without a measuring tape...who knew the dollar bill was 6" - thanks for the fabulous tip! I think I'll add that info to my blog!

10:54 AM  

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