Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Actually, I am sitting in my walkway waiting for my ride to Yuma (thank you WIFI)

Wanted to thank my SP who is Monica at Rubys N Purls. She was fabulous. Although I loved everything from her, my fav now is the circular needle holder. It is in a color combo that I love and now I will be able to organize all my sock needles. Need to change needles- I will be able to stealthy whip out whatever size I need! Thank you Monica! The yarn she sent wasn't even in the Ravelry DB (dont know how common that is) but I think I already know the project it will be used for.

My friend's my mom who I will be seeing in Yuma finds it odd that someone not in their 70s knits. She has 9 cats. I married the two thoughts, I made for a hostess gift FELINE DIM SUM from Knitty. There is also a little mouse at the top. I had to quickly add ears and whiskers because since I did it in red well.. it needed the extra mouse parts.


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Vegas is still very much new and open to exploring to me. Today, WHN and I drove past Red Rock Canyon.
Red Rock Cyn 5
Red Rock Cyn 2
There was a fire yesterday (and 117 degrees today thank you very much)
Fire Damage

Next, we found Blue Diamond (B). It's this lush green area that is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Instead of desert landscaping (rocks instead of grass), stucco houses, and typical desert plants, they had GRASS not a single house had rocks. In contrast, in my neighborhood there are only 2 of us that still has it. The streets were tree lined. If you were just planted there without knowing the surrounding desert, you would have no idea. There was no more than 200 houses in this enclave, and they had a TINY library and post office and public pool. We drove through in about 2 minutes.
Blue Diamond

We then continued on our exploration. We got to a T-stop. To the right, Pahrump where the infamous brothels are located about 45 minutes away, and the new location of Heidi Fleiss' "sud farm," a coin-op wash.
pine cellphone tree
Yes, pine cell phone trees are indigenous to the desert. I know AMAZING!
Burrough Xing

We went to the left which brought us towards the Strip to a casino we had never been, The Silverton (C). The Silverton has a huge outdoors shop. And since it is Las Vegas, it's big and showy.
They will show you how to kill:
lions (because they eat gay German magicians here... but don't do it
Meeses. (don't do it)
Fish (go ahead)
There were also bears, deers, and assortment of other critters to inspire the blood thirsty.
La Vida Loca...
Do you think WHN is bitter that he has to eat veggie burgers with me at home? Thankfully, Bambi, he is a lousy shot. Oh wait, WHN said the the site was off. The Silverton evidently doesn't use slot machines to make money, but a little shooting gallery.

I heard a guy say to his kid, "I think they got it wrong-- I don't think leopards in Africa" as he and his kid through coins into the waterfall creek that looks through to the slots machines and Pai Gow tables.

The Silverton also has a big ass fishtank. On Thursday-Sunday they have mermaid shows. I want to go back for that.

In California, I went to the LB Aquarium weekly I loved it so much. I actually even almost accepted a position there before we moved (yes I was there so much, they were going to start paying me)



Another random thing that Silverton boasts about is Hootie and the Blowfish perform there a few times a year. They have a stake in the lounge. I could see getting trashed and going to that show.

Hope everyone and their pets had a happy 4th. Our main neurotic household member was nonplussed.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm back. FINALLY!

I have had a migraine for almost 30 days. Doctors think I have allergies, which is quite common in Nevada. Evidently, people (like me) who have never had allergies in their lives move to the desert and BOOM allergies. I think I am even allergic to the stupid cat now.

So now I am catching up. Next week I am going to fabulous Yuma, AZ. When I found out about this trip, you know what my first question was (OK after where the hell is Yuma?) are there LYSs along the way? But here, let me show you the route and you can do the math on the odds of finding one.

The biggest cities I will be going through include Blythe, Needles, and El Centro. Knowing that I will be spending a bunch of time in Mexico, what was my next question-- I wonder if I can get cheap yarn!

It is 116 degrees here, and evidently it is hotter there. My friend doesn't think I will still be thinking yarn... haha I laugh at the naivete non-knitters.

Hope everyone has a great 4th. WHN plans to shoot off all the firecrackers I brought home for him on my last roadtrip. Again, I am still amazed that you can buy year round fireworks in some states. Actually, I found out that Nevada is one of them-- in Pahrump, where all the brothels are, there are also fireworks stores.

I'm currently restricted on my computer time as it is still a strain on my eyes.


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