Saturday, December 29, 2007

2nd to last FO of 2007

I finished the Christmas gloves for WHN right on time. The timing was so good that I was able to present them to in reply to him busting my balls about not making him gloves. So not only did I get the joy of seeing someone appreciate my handknits, but I was able to feel extra superior-- Merry Christmas to me!

convertible gloves

The pattern is from Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner. I love alternative uses for sock yarn, however, I am not pleased that she only includes 2 sizes (medium man / woman.) I used Regia yarn that I bought about 4 years ago at a guild meeting in California. So good for me, I am stashbusting! OK maybe one skein isn't exactly busting, but it's chipping and that's close enough for me.

I'm spending time now trying to catch up with knitting. I should teach the dog how to do it so I can take the pressure off of me.

Someone who doesn't feel pressure, Tiff:
Tiffany in chest
Tiffany in chest
Tiffany in chest

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I got my cast off FRIDAY! I am thrilled, though my arm feels cold and vulnerable. It is now in a brace, and I am still limited on my computer usage-- for the 3 months. Normally I am doctor advice, schmoctor advice, but it's my right hand so I am trying to be more diligent than I have been.

But not too diligent! I've missed knitting so much, and I promised WHN convertible gloves. I popped some pain pills, drank some hard cider, and got to work. I want them done by Christmas, so I have been doing a lot of secretive knitting.
As I started to knit them, I was reminded of all the great people I've met out there. The stitch markers (weasels!) are from The Crafty Weasel in honor of my weasels Tiffany and Babette:

I've been hiding them (socks not ferrets though they'd love it) in a Amy Butler print bag made by the lovely Javajem.

And because it is 53 F in the house, (the heater makes Toonsters pant), I've been nightly (and daily) wearing the most comfortable socks ever by Bentota. Thankfully she has knitted me a few pairs!

And for Christmas, my SP, La Fuji Mama sent me a crappy box from Japan-- literally.
I'm not sure what she was thinking about me, but who can resist such lovable poo! Mr. Happy Poo was crocheted by her, and she took this picture, because currently Mr. H. Poo is being held captive in a secret location by Tiffany the ferret. I love the poo and TP stickers. But I am not sure when I grade papers, would the good or bad papers get one?

She also sent some treats from Japan.
-Pancakes - I love thick wonderful pancakes!
-chocolate - I love chocolate, but this is supposed to taste crappy (sticking with that theme eh Fujimama?) Anyway, when WHN has his Belgian chocolate, I plan to trade him for it and let him figure out the inadequacies of Japanese chocolate on his own.
-litle candies and ornaments... and a stamp of guess who... HAPPY POO with the associated brown stamp pad.

Then she went random... patches, calendar, and Santa Coke ornaments... I haven't examined Santa closely, but I will assume no continuation of theme there.

And finally, a little stowaway, her mascot, Keito-chan! I promised her that I would show little KC a good time. So far she's been getting into the Vegas way of life. Some of her adventures can be seen on La Fuji Mama.

And finally a card with happy drunk animals,
to go along with my joyous ones:


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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas at Las Vegas Square

Recently a new outdoor mall opened in Vegas on S. Las Vegas Blvd at the 15 and 215. The mall reminds me of a small town, or should I say, the set of a movie of a small town. I expected the Gilmore Girls to pop out at any moment. They have parking lots, a garage, but for the lazy person in us, also available are metered parking along the "streets" of the inside of the mall. And it wouldn't be Vegas without the valet option.

Not all the shops are open yet, but some that are Apple, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Guitar Center, and Claim Jumper. They also have RAVE movie theater.

Ofcourse right now I love it because it's now 5000 degrees out. Come summer, it will be dead to me.

If you are into Norman Rockwell, through the holidays, they have statures recreating 6 of his magazine covers scattered throughout the mall.

A few days ago, Santa was seeing the doggies. I thought the combo of new mall and Vegas not being the friendliest dog town, it wouldn't be that crowded, but it was packed with pooches! And most of them were dressed. We got there at 6pm and left at 8pm- and there was a still a line.

I was in sweats and having a terrier out dress me was quite embarrassing.

More dogs in clothes:

dog in a kilt

the other bully there

the pony there.

Figured out that mom and dad took her to see Santa on pet night (but look at the fab dog sweater behind her!)

Lil' Dolce & Gabana

Dog in fur...and fur

Dogs that should have called each other before showing up.

Santa's lil' doppelgangers:

Please don't make go over there dressed like this!

I saw someone holding their German Sheppard in this exact same pose!

These evil little girls wanted to be wheeled over and see Toonsters. Once there they stood and started jeering her. They hissed and called her fat and Toonsters just looked at them like what's your damage?

Waiting patiently with her list.

The photo people did a great job. Instead of herding the animals through, they let one into the building at a time and shut the door behind. They also stayed until they got a good shot, so the line was slow moving, but looking at the dogs was fun. Oh, and Toonsters, she got it on the first shot, thank you very much.

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