Monday, May 21, 2007


So last night, I say to WHN, quick take a picture of the cat and Tiffany together-- use the flash. They are so sweet together.

Instead, he thought it would be more fun to use the night vision. So much for documenting my tender, the pets really do get along, moment.

And speaking of my wretched cat, he has gone back to cheating on me. He has another family-- possibly families-- again. That miserable bag of fur had 2 other families before we moved a couple of years ago. He even got a going away card from one of them. Mind you, I saved his pathetic life and this is the thanks I get.



How do I know besides past history?? It's over 100 in Vegas. He is not only gone for 10 hours, when he comes home, he is not warm. When he is outside normally, his fur heats up. He has dirt and leaves on him from rolling around. So yes, the little fucker is spending his time indoors somewhere.

And like the betrayed, I know I am not getting the best of him. I am sure at his other houses he is not moany or needy or tearing up furniture. The ungrateful little beast seems to have forgotten that I resuced him from death's door. I wish I could drop him off there. He is really very irritating. And to think I was trying to figure out how he can pull grass up when he only has 2 teeth left. No trips to Jamba Juice for wheat grass shakes for him! And I know when he comes home, I will feed him Fancy Feast and the fish flakes that he loves but then get annoyed and pull his tail. I'm so conflicted.

He's gone right now. It's the afternoon. I've called for him outside. He's with THEM right now.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another stash cometh

WIth all the bags of yarn I have, and now the roving, I do not need to create another stash, but here I go...

The first 2 pieces of hopefully something that wont turn into something sucking up an incredibly ugly amount of space. To my credit, realizing that I am not a great sewer, I bought both of these fabrics on sale.

The pink and blue one is Amy Butler, 2 yds. I have no idea what I am going to make with it. I got it more because it was on sale and I need practice...

The second 4 yrds I came across and fell in love because it features milagros. I dont know if I will be making stuff that will use the entire amount I have or cut it for different projects.

When WHN and I were at the counter I said to him, I'm going to learn how to sew by making all your clothes now. It will be just like we are Amish or Mormom minus the other wives (which still is a novelty for him to walk into Costco and see the sisterwives roaming the aisles--especially the ones that appear to be sister sister wives. I dont know if he is more concerned about having several more women busting his balls besides me, his mother, my friends, the abuela across the street, his female co-workers... or if he is thinking how many more stashes he would have to contend with.)

On the knitting front, I started a scarf like the one from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I don't like how stripey it is turning out. So I will unravel and let the yarn be what it was intended to be... socks...

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Meat is still murder in the summer right?

Summer bbq weather normally gets me excited, however, being a vegetarian now, it just fills with me dread. Why do pigs have to taste so good? Getting through the holidays was no big deal... getting through bbq season is a whole new proposition. My two favorite foods in the world are Indian and BBQ. I love BBQ. If I saw a BBQ restuarant I would want to stop and try it. I watch the BBQ competitions on Food Network. I love pulled pork... and bbq sauce..mmmmm but I digress. Just to add to the cruelness of the world, we just got a Salt Lick bbq restaurant 5 minutes away in the Santa Fe Station.

And Costco had all the meaty treats out yesterday! I would love your hot spicy links Mrs. Sample Lady, however, I would feel to guilty that some poor animal had to take one for me. OOO your friend over here has barbacoa... oh wait I remember what that means. Oh chasquido. I'll just enjoy the flavored water and granola samples. (BTW, WHN hates OH SNAP, but OH CHASQUIDO he finds charming for some dumb reason, but I suppose that is another post.)

This looks like chicken hell to me.

WHN says he sees it more as a chicken sauna.

But thankfully the world is not THAT cruel to me... I was watching Bill Maher and ol CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta came on saying that all the stuff that was in the dog food that was killing dogs... they found that it in the people food supply. I know I'm not supposed to laugh or feel superior or feel vindicated. However, I was talking to an ex and I mentioned that I was a vegetarian and he asked why, and I said that I can no longer make the distinction between my dog who I share a bed with and a pig/cow whatever. Then I joked that I do feel superior that I don't eat dead animals. He replied, you feel superior because you know not to eat your dog? He could have a great big ol' melamine sandwich as far as I'm concerned. OK so I know it's a weird thing to feel smug about, but I need what I can get.

Speaking of sleeping pets, my friend said to me that she could never imagine sleeping with a dog in her bed (funny I've seen some of the guys she... rim shot please) I have a cat, dog, and WHN, and frankly, the dog isn't the worst of the three as a bedmate. She said that pets should have their own bed. Is everyone else sleeping sans animals?

When Anna and I were driving across the the western states I felt good seeing the cows. I used to feel guilty, and sink down in my seat as I would drive by them. But this time I waved to them saying HOW NOW BROWN COWS... You've got no beef with me. While I found that quite amusing and cute, Anna I guess got tired of hearing it because she started to stay Yeah but you probably ate their parents or grandparents. She can eat a great big ol' melamine sandwich too.


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