Thursday, August 31, 2006

New levels of bad

Since Mylerna Thoughts have led to thinking of ferrets, I dedicate this post to her.

So The Crafty Weasel is always good for a cute picture of a ferret sleeping innocently. You will not find that here. OH NO. My ferrets are let's say rambunctious and when they do sleep, which isn't as often as Ferrets for Dummies has led me to believe the should, they dont sleep in the open, where it would be convenient for me, they sleep under big heavy things like couches. But I've accepted the yarn stealing of Tiffany and I'll admit, it took time to learn to keep pens in my car because Babette knows how to open up my book bag, identify the pen container, steal it, open it and remove all the pens (and hide ofcourse.) I can't open things in front of them without their thorough investigation. I've grown used to Babette stealing the tub stopper... I've adjusted to it all. But now, they have upped their game.

Tiffany, the smart one, has learned to get into the kitchen cabinets through gaps between cabinet and floor long ago. She even has even turned a cabinet into her a secondary stash location as seen in a previous post. But now, she has developed a new trick, to enter the drawers through the back, lie on her back and push open the silverware and others just below counter level drawers. This action opens up the world of kitchen counters to her. I know. I know what a smart little creature. That's exactly what we say everytime we catch her, or have to open a drawer by first removing the packing tape used to keep it shut now.

But Babette, the dumb one, not to be outdone, has learned from Tiffany and can now do that too.

However, what Babette lacks in brain power, she makes up for agility. This girl can climb. Her new trick, (usually after she knocks over WHN's Coke to drink for a sugar/caffeine buzz) is to climb up the clothes in the closet. Cute huh.

So here's to the happy sleeping weasels over at The Crafty Weasel. I am sure they are little dears. And if the Crafty Weasel happens to get a box with a few holes in it...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I actually had been reading my Spoilee's blog before I was assigned to her. Though it is fun to get to know someone completely new, it was kinda neat to be put with someone I was familiar with.

But the hard part. She reads my blog. I had to throw her off by sending her emails that were completely opposite to me because I was so paranoid that she would have me figured out the first week. I even called her ferrets long skinny rodents once I think.

Anyway, my spoilee, Miss Priss made the effort all worth it. Go check her out. She owns a roller derby league (if that doesnt scream COOL, I dont know what does.) Not to mention she has ferrets (more cool points) and a boxer (the dog, not the fighters, though she probably has the underwear in her house, but I mean the dog in this instance).

I'm normally a bit sad at the end of a SP round, but not in this time because I know Miss Priss and I will continue to stay in contact with each other.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Box unveiling

OK OK Kerry put me over the edge. I had put the box up, but Babette figured out how to get to it.

It's hard to tell, but for me to reach this shelf, I need a step stool. Why do they do this to me?

But currently all animals in the zoo are asleep.

(yes they sleep under the couch because they can't do anything for my convenience) The big butt (bad angle, but baby's got back) belongs to the Tiffany who is looking into the camera. The green in front were clothes I bought last winter because my hands were freezing here, but disappeared within hours of bringing them home. I given up on taking back my stuff, now I just note where she stashes it and take it back only when I plan to use whatever she has.

First the creams...
On the left Lavendar hand cream, which is fabulous for me because here in Nevada, my skin gets ugly dry. I will bring it with me to school. The other 2, are CHOCOLATE skin products. The middle one, I get, body milk. But the right one, what part of me is my trockene haut? I'm assuming I have one. Right? If I have a problem with my trockene haut I am sure this will help resolve it. I'll have to run that through the translator or bring it to school tomorrow and ask someone in the English department (if you dont know, most people that study English have to know 1 or 2 additional languages... let's put that to the test) They all smell wonderful. And Sibille sent the chocolate scent because she knows I love chocolate (and especially European chocolate) but I live in the desert so no chocolate until October at the very earliest. Hopefully no one will catch me licking my arm or trockene haute.

Next are the gummi candies (which I LOVE)

I live in a word of bears and worms, but the Germans have advanced gummi technology... I've had gummi sports equipment, gummi other animals, Germany is truly a gummi paradise.

And finally a menu from an American restaurant in Germany. I will have to post pictures of it because they have some fun menu items like chicken macaroni.

Ofcourse I can't forget the yarn that I showcased 2 posts ago. This is a good pic of them, so I decided to use it again. If I told you how much it cost, it would only make you cry. Let's just say the good ol US is sticking it to us sock yarn-wise.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My box from Germany

So I was wondering about my yarn from Germany... it arrived today! I actually had it sent to a friends house (long story) I thought I could wait until I saw my friend Monday at school. I mean I knew what should be in it... but no I couldn't wait. I did some peeking and pulling on the drive home with the box. I would love to show all the great things in it, but as you can see, I am not the only impatient one in my house. The box we actually had to hide. One kept trying to climb for it, while the other kept barking at it. I'll leave it to you to figure who was doing what.

I've kept everything in the box, and tomorrow once all the animals are asleep or I can take it outside, I will take pictures and show all the neat little goodies in addition to the yarn. THANK YOU SIBILLE!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Random pics from my cellphone

I have to clean out my cellphone of its pics again... I used to think it was nutsy to have camera on phone, but now I couldnt imagine a phone not having it.

In no particular order:

Yarn that I am awaiting to arrive from Germany. OK this one I didnt take with my cellphone but when I was uploading cellphone pics, I stumbled across it, and frankly, I just like looking at it. My good pal Sibille is sending them to me. I think about if my yarn is on a ship or in a storage facility etc etc. Yes I wonder about my yarn. Don't judge.

A washcloth that I made for my friend who recently thought it was cute but dismissed I had a blog... I wonder how dismissive she would be if she knew I posted her picture months ago. SHH! Or that I recently posted about sending a sexy text message to her dad. Double SHHH!

A typical Vegas site. Yes not only lots of fake boobs in Vegas, but lots of fake women all together. This just reminds me of seeing a little boy drag his teddy bear or something. If anyone watched Hell's Kitchen, the hotel that was featured, Red Rock is about 20-30 minutes from the strip. HK would always show the strip and then the hotel, but I guess that looks better than showing what actually is across the street, a Costco. But it is next to a pretty canyon. The restaurant she "won" is Tbones Chophouse & Lounge

Yesterday I went to knitting group and started these socks. Both are OPAL yarns. The red one is Tropicana and the other is just plain stockinette. I was just able to turn the heel before group ended. Hopefully I will start my decreases soon and not just forget about them. A rule change for SP9 is that one post a month should be fiber/ hobby related. I am horrible at that so I shouldn't put all my fiber related topics in this post...let's just say if you see this pic next month, act like it's new OK?

View from Hoover Dam. I like this picture because it looks retro like something from the 50s/60s.

Inside the Venetian Hotel Vegas. I took this pic because I was meeting up with WHN and I texted my location, but thought it would just be easier to take a pic. I like that outside it was 11pm, but inside, daytime in Venezia, but cleaner.

When I graduated from HS my friend and I went to Europe. We stayed at some really grimey places as most poor students do. OK so we never stayed in a hostel like Quentin Tarrentino's, but we did stay in an Amsterdam hostel in the Red Light District, where we shared a bathroom with guys that had a big trough and no doors on stalls. Guys would try to pick up on girls while peeing etc... You knew we were the Americans because we would take turns standing guard while the other used the bathroom... and ofcourse we used the one all the way in the back etc etc... We always thought we were so internationale, but compared to the freewheeling devil Europeans may care when it comes to body functions etc we were like Sunday School teachers in the late 1800s. In France we stayed at a cheap hotel where we caught the manager sniffing our underwear while the assistant manager was cuddling with one of our bras. In Nice, we had to share a pillow. In Venice, our first Italian stop, we were looking forward to amazing Italian food. We arrived at the hostel as the cook was opening up an industrial can of Chef Boyardee. They were also really strict on their opening of the main doors. We had to leave the hostel by 7:30am to catch a train, but they didnt open until 8am. So we surrendered our cards (they kept our hostel cards at each hostel while we were there.. probably to help id bodies incase anything happened.) We climbed out the upstairs bathroom window and shimmied down a pipe. In London we stayed in a "B&B" which was the posh flat of a former model who was too old for that so transitioned into the escort business. She wasn't allowed to use her place for this, so we were instructed to stash our backpacks and sneak the contents in separately little by little. And if anyone were to ask us, we were her cousins or neices. Her neighbors had to think she had some freak family. I have no idea how she explained the parade of johns. Her apartment was full of mirrors and pics of her. Including the kitchen and floor to ceiling mirrors in the bathroom. I thought I was aware of my body when I arrived there, but let's just say after bathing in that bathroom, I discovered freckles and moles I never knew existed.

When I travel now I am such a Princess that WHN before seeing the pics and my Eurail pass never believed how rough I used to travel. This trip was the opposite of luxury, but I had an amazing time (even when my friend used her broken French to try and explain to a dr that I had toncilitis) and I think all kids should have the rites of passage traveling experience.

Now I can refill my camera again with random Vegas/ knit pics.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My little rant.

Regarding the bag in the previous post. I changed the pic and updated the info on the yarn. Thank you all for the kind words.

Check out this article: SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian scientists have called on the country's farmers to report any ugly sheep found in their flocks. A campaign called "Xtreme sheep" aims to study sheep with undesirable wool features to unlock the genetic makeup of the prized merino and ensure production of its high quality fleece.

NEW YORK - Britney Spears, expecting baby No. 2, says she and husband Kevin Federline didn't plan the pregnancy. "It just kind of happened," the 24-year-old singer reveals in an interview in the latest issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday. She adds, laughing: "I'm going to wait a while for the next (one)!"

OK Everyone... 1 - 2 - 3- DUUUUHHHHHH!

This next paragraph is about my weird gyno appt, so if you dont want to read about it. Consider your post reading done. I was really early for my appt. I sat at the light ready to make a U-Turn to get into the office parking lot. I notice the car in front of me rattling. The male passenger was screaming and gesturing at the female driver. Obviously, if he is making the car move, he is passionate in his argument. The driver just sat there. He was like watching popcorn in the microwave where it's pop pop pop but then pop....pop...pop pop... pop. He finally stopped and she started. About freaking time. As she was starting to make her point the light changed, but I figure eh... she had to listen to him. I let her continue and we missed the light. The passenger jumped out of the car and walked away (she would have to do a U-Turn to follow him) but she just drove off. OK so if you dont now want the gyno story, this is really your last chance to stop reading. And also fair warning, this post will delve into the pro-life/choice arena too...

I am pretty sure I have cysts again. I have to do the initial appts (changing dr because changed towns) and so he prescribed some meds in prep for my meeting him next week (one is to stop internal bleeding and the other is so he can use a camera, and dont worry fearless readers, those pics wont be posted) He hands me 2 perscriptions and says to me, "the first no problem you just take 1 every day until the appt. The 2nd, I'm putting on the bottle take orally, but instead I want you to put them in your vagina the day before. If I put this on your perscription, the pharmacist will call me and there's always a problem which ends with them refusing to write in on the bottle anyway. So just dont get confused 2 inside the vagina, 10 down your mouth. If you do get confused, you won't die, but... you know I would actually like to see that hahah." (Is it just me that always gets the yucksters gynos or are they jokey bunch in general?)

I take the perscriptions to Costco. They say come back in a half hour. When I do, the pharmacist a middle aged guy takes me into a room and asks me if I am taking these pills to have an abortion. I reply, "excuse me?" He says that these pills are used for abortions so not that he was getting into my business (which he was) but he needed to know. I was pissed. It doesnt matter if a person is pro-life or pro-choice. He has no right in his position to inflict his politics on me. It's the same as the person who sells pizza asking do you really want pepperoni on it, those are dead animals. Or working in a gun shop and talking people out of buying guns. A person can protest somewhere, but once s/he decides to take a job, the personal politics shouldnt be interfering with their duties. Or as a consumer, I should know that a particular establishment has a specific political agenda that could affect me. And remember this isn't Walmart (who just got into trouble for RU486) This is COSTCO! After I tell him the question is inappropriate that I made an informed decision with my doctor, but if what's keeping me from walking away with these pills is whether I am having an abortion, then no I am not. In fact, the dr gave me a pregnancy test just to be sure. Then I preceeded to explain to him about the other 2 "special" pills which really made him uncomfortable but I was pissed. But here's the kicker-- the pharmacist hadn't even filled the perscription yet! He wasn't going to have them until the following day. He was questioning BEFORE he filled the perscription. To me, that is really REALLY wrong.

What else is wrong, is that so far this year, we have spent $3100 at Costco. Do you believe that?? I'm trying to remember if we even bought any big ticket items or if it was just toilet paper and vats of teriyaki sauce. Wait a bbq... and a camera... One of the little gun people scanned our card and targetted us for the executive membership where we earn 2% back for all our purchases in a year. But if you want to know how much you spend at Costco, ask them. They know.

Monday, August 14, 2006

My first Not Manic Monday in Months

Today I signed up for MAC ProCare For $99 I get 52 private lessons. Such a deal. And they are lessons on whatever my little heart desires (as far as the MAC, computers, internet) I think MAC hopes I wont come up with 52 ideas, but HAH I am going to get all 99 of my bucks out of it... I hope. Any ideas? So far I am thinking of transferring my blog over to Ilife space, but I have no idea what my account name would be.

I've got nothing exciting to report other than I have 2 weeks off with lame things to do. I was tempted to drive to Utah to check out a Shakespeare festival, but ug, my brain hurts. Why leave for that drive when SNAKES ON A PLANE is opening up this weekend?

I have told myself I will finish one thing. OK and so I wont cheat, because I know if I dont post this I will (and actually, I might even try to delete this if I dont have any real proof that anyone has seen it) I am posting a pic of a post that I just completed. No I didnt line it myself. I honestly have no idea how to line a purse and that is even too basic for me to find in a how to sew book. I will replace the picture with a better once I find my camera cable. OHHH How I am dying to go wireless on that front.

Pattern: Lotorp
Book: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton #3
3 skeins Noro Kureyon

It's all mindless garter stitch and can be knocked out fairly quick.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


So I am knitting yet another purse. Why I keep knitting purses no clue.

Here is my new random story. There is guy in my wine class, Brenner, he's your stereotypical surfer type yet since he's never lived near an ocean this means stoner. Every sentence starts with DUDE and ends with AWESOME or NOT AWESOME. He's a 27 year old bounder but not as charming or roguish. But the more interesting aspect of the guy is he's a MOOCH. In this class I've befriended a few people one of whom looks likes Vin Diesel which is kind of creepy. Anyway, a few of us plus Moochy were at a very nice wine bar/ Italian restaurant. The bartender is in my class. I was on an end next to a nice 50 something couple eating a pizza. Moochy was on the other end of the bar with one of his scheezy friends that he met in massage school. (dont ask) So here comes the shock:

Moochy asks the 50 something couple with their half pizza left, "Hey Dudes... are you going to finish it? Can I have it?" And they gave it to him!! And he took it! We were mortified. Moochy and his friend scurry off with the pizza. Brought back a crust of one slice and offer to share that with us. Not that we would have any part of that pizza, but ug share a crust from a begged off pizza. Who does that??? Now before anyone gets bleeding heart on me... I see this guy almost daily buy his favorite $25 a bottle beer.

I have a wine recommendation. It's actually a champagne. Shramsberg Cremant. I like it because it's sweet and not as champagny (though I do like champagne.) It's actually a demi-sec, or half-sparkling.

Hey Crafty Weasel: Is this a Hoover blanket?

accommodation in Barcelona