Sunday, January 21, 2007

January Duldrums

I am so stuck in this space where I just can't even figure out what to blog about. It is the weirdest thing... normally I can think of something that is at least mildly interesting to me. I would be in a moment and think OO I should blog about this later but then later would come and I would think eh I dont want to blog about that. I just haven't been able to get interested in anything. I noticed this mood has carried over into my lack of interest in other things. I was stuck on a scarf if you can believe that which seemed appropos to this month. Finally yesterday to kick start me I went and got my hair cut. As soon as that was done I found out that my computer was even out of the shop. Isn't that Hindu or Buddhist where even if you aren't into something, you go through the motions until the meaning comes? So hopefully I will be able to get out of the January funk soon.

So to jump start my blogging I will do what I normally do when I have bloggers block: post random pics from my cellphone (yea! I know a thrill a minute here)

What I spun today at my spinning group. I haven't decided if I am going to ply it with some spun periwinkle blue or cream.

Though my car has a new roof, WHN still hasn't reinstalled my passenger seat. It's a very lonely feeling. Hopefully I will have my seat in by the time I pick up Shelby from the airport (don't worry Shelby if you are reading this, I you wont have to ride ghetto style, I was going to borrow WHN's car anyway.. but I was going to use you as the excuse to get him moving)

If you wondering I brought my fiber stash bag, wheel, purse, sewing machine and spinning bag with me today. Yes I have replaced the idea of people with clutter of things.

Speaking of clutter, I found this sewing/yarn/whatever other crap this little old lady has decided to carry in the past 50 years. This place is in Boulder City, the little town next to guess what... yes it's a dam town. They don't have any dam gambling so there are lot of dam speed traps. The dam town is full of dam antique shops.

One of these days when I have the time and a helmet, I will sift through her stuff.

How cold does it get in Vegas?

Token cute animal picture

Monday, January 01, 2007


You know people want to tell you the truth but they really dont because they know you don't want to hear it? Well, that was the case with New Year's on the Strip. Barb, one of the spinners kind of sort of said it would be miserable as did WHN, but they didn't really convey it to me. You know how you get into one of those frames of mind where you really want to do something so much that mere hints against it aren't enough? So since no one grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me, New Year's Eve we were on the Strip for "America's Party"

And America was smelly, drunky, touchy, pushy, barfy...

There were also crazy religious people out there. I almost felt sorry for them because as they are yelling at the fornicators, people are running up to them and dry humping them while a friend takes a picture.

I found out that they have a policy on New Year's to only write incident reports if there are broken bones. Evidently it's a toss up for working on New Year's. It sucks to do it, but then they get to take out all their hostility from the past year. That's a lot of freaking leeway by The Man if you ask me..

The guy's sign says "SHOW YOUR TITS!" and people did. Finally some girl tries to take it from him and he said get away you uptight dyke! And she said FUCK YOU and he said FUCK YOU too! That was one of my favorite exchanges along with hearing people on their cellphones say:
"You're in a bush? What bush? How did you get in a bush"
"I'm standing by a fountain" (The Strip has a ton of fountains along with...)
"I'm next to the treee"
"A guy just pissed on my leg"
"I can't find a bathroom... I'm takin' a leak here"
"I can't find my bra"
"I can't feel my tongue"
"Some guy just licked me"

By 11:38 I had enough of America and was reminded that once midnight strikes they are going to get kissy huggy The idea of the unwashed masses germs... I was convinced if there is a way to get gonorrhea non-sexually, this would be it. Only some of the hotels were letting people in. It took us what seemed like forever pushing our way against the wave of people but we got out. We left the Strip just in time to watch fireworks with other locals on the Desert Inn overpass.

Afterwards we drove to our locals casino, got to skip the queue in because we eat there THAT much and had a peaceful meal.

I wanted to present one last FO of 06 but I couldnt find the pins to block it, so instead, I will present a scarf I made for my SIL. I plan to make it exactly the same again as a Chanukah gift as soon as I re-order the yarn (SIL and friend have same taste) I had close up pics of it but I can't find my camera... so instead you just get the happy recipient wearing it.


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