Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hat Attack 2

I am such a follower sometimes. The knitters at my bar knitting were in the original Hat Attack, and though they were all killed off in the first round, they not only wanted to join HA2, but wanted me to also.

For those that don't know, Hat Attack is just like Sock Wars, but I think with more smack talk. My target is a LYS owner in Florida. My assassin is in San Francisco. I am basically dead knitter walking.

The "LV Assassins Guild" decided to have a knitting party the day the pattern was released (yesterday). As the back window will show, we were knitting for A LONG TIME. Not to go into gory exact times, but we watched Practical Magic, The Simpsons Movie, The Family Guy Movie, and Best In Show.

Emily, Jessica, Stefanie knitting start and end. Stefanie started with her hat from HA1 on for luck or inspiration or because it's great to wear a wool hat in 90 degree Vegas weather.

HA cupcakes
cupcakes baked by Stefanie

Because my assassin is a mere state away, my death is imminent; however, my tenacity would not allow me to go down without a killing:
my finished HA2
Traveling rib= pain in my ass. I hate ribbing, so a completely ribbed hat, UG. However, if you want to make a ribbed hat, the pattern is free Ravelry download via Hat Attack search.

I want to say NEVER AGAIN, but I probably will be stupid enough to torture myself again for HA3.

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Blogger Pooch said...

Isn't it weird how we get into patterns that we really don't like all that much? The hat turned out beautifully. Love the knitting marathon you had!

11:49 PM  
Blogger Jinann said...

I think the hat is really cute!

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Amber said...

sorry to tell you that my assassin knit a misfire and now the duty of frogging and reknitting falls to you I do may want to double check the Spreadsheet of Death...if I am right, please message me your postal information so I can get this malformed thingie to you...

8:52 PM  

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