Monday, July 07, 2008

Any cat people out there? I need advice!

I'm a S-U-C-K-E-R for animals. All but Toonsters are rescues. I noticed this particular cat when we moved here. Before we shut the cat door because Sprinkles is still too little, I knew a stray visited at night and ate Fred's food. Since Sprinkles arrived, we've kept this door shut. I started leaving food out for kitty.

I called a local cat rescue, but was told they were 100 cats over their cat allotment. I can't get kitty to come up to me really, but today have discovered: he's an unfixed boy. Unfortunately, I can't bring a third cat in to compete with my ultra alpha Fred. As a reminder, Fred's an old alley cat that is so broken down (see below), we got Sprinkles to be Gramp's escort outside from just this type of cat. Thankfully, Sprinkles so far (inside and supervised outside) is a scrapper. Also, I can think of 2 ferrets that are having a hard enough time dealing with said scrappy kitten.


Looking at his ear, he is clearly injured. I am sure there are other issues he has (besides those furry little balls that have GOT TO go) Unfortunately, Las Vegas does not have the stray resources that other cities do, so I am at a loss how to help him.

Fred's tore up'dness
My creation

And a token ferret picture:
Ferrets have no fear of the animals in this house. Now imagine a cat that has been on his own in the wild... not a great combo.

Any thoughts given the VERY LIMITED resources of Las Vegas, would be appreciated.


Blogger Angie said...

Oh, poor thing! While it breaks my heart to see him, obviously in need of help, I would agree that you really can't add another cat (particularly an aggressive street cat) to your brood. He does look well-fed, so at least you're getting him the nutrition he needs. I did a quick google on "animal rescue las vegas" and there were close to a dozen different shelters and volunteer groups that popped up. Maybe if you have time for some calling around one of the smaller, private rescue groups might be able to find him a home (sometimes they will at least fund some medical care and neutering, even if they have to release the animal back to the streets afterwards)

If all else fails, you may be doing all you can just to make sure he has food and water (which is a huge thing, even though it probably feels to you that you're not doing enough).

Good luck!

3:17 AM  
Blogger Mylerna said...

I may sound harsh saying this but I believe outside cats are happier than those inside. Just make sure he has nourishment and let him be. If you patched him up he would probably just go get into another fight.. and if you brought him inside he would be miserable.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Poor kitty! I have no advise unfortunately. Just keep giving him food and water. maybe ask your vet for some anitbiotics for him? Couldn't hurt.

Too bad they dont make kitten birth control pills!!

10:35 AM  
Blogger leona said...

Maybe a Henderson shelter can take him? I know the Las Vegas Humane Society shelter is pretty full but maybe the Henderson one has an opening? I wish I could take another cat but mine is too territorial. Good luck!

9:41 PM  
Blogger Abbeykins said...

As a dog person, I don't know all the resources for cats, but I would assume they are mostly the same for cats. I wonder though, the ASPCA? and if nothing else, take it to a near by city or town that has a rescue shelter that has space and take him there. How much is spaying and neutering there? Most of our vets and shelters, including animal care and control will neuter for free or give out coupons for free neutering.

Poor kitty. He's cute though. :D

11:50 PM  

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