Saturday, May 03, 2008

Prom season in Vegas

Casinos, especially off-Strip properties are not just places to gamble, many have movie theaters, bowling alleys, and other amenities that you might not necessarily think of when you think of casinos. Though I have learned to take much of this for granted, sites that are quotidian to most Las Vegans, still stand out to me.

Tonight, while we used our 2-for-1 buffet coupon at Red Rock Canyon Casino we found prom kids. I loved seeing the mixture of fanny packs and formal attire.

To get this picture, I said I was a tourist from Oklahoma.

I'm sure that all regions have their own take on what a prom night entails. In Los Angeles, I can guarantee that you will find prom goers in limos hitting Pink's Hot Dogs.

In recession gets felt everywhere news, the only fish at the buffet tonight was fried catfish. Normally, you can find salmon and halibut at the very least. I read that other buffets are now adding a surcharge to the crab legs that have become popular buffet fixtures.

But who cares tonight! It's prom in Vegas!

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Blogger Fuji Mama said...

Ha ha ha ha, you even used quotidian on your blog! Eat that WHF!

2:52 PM  
Anonymous sibille said...

Do I have to be ashamend when I admit that I don't know anyone - may be the "lady" in the blue evening dress ...

(Sarah got her driver's license HURRAY)

1:54 PM  

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