Friday, May 02, 2008

When was the last time I blogged?

WOW! It has been a long time. Some of you know I have some icky deadlines so I have self-imposed internet limits for myself. I've only allowed myself Ravelry and CNN and 2 Vegas news sites in 10 min bursts a couple times of day. It's been tough. I miss blog reading! However, I saved a little time, by going uninformed so I could do a quick post.

I have a couple FO's to share, both hats knit for a 12 year old, hence the colors, though I think by 12, I had completely switched to my all black all the time wardrobe. Both hats are for the same child, who is currently going through chemo. People are trying to organize lots of hats for her because bad enough going through chemo, but having to do it as a tween girl.

I knit a good portion of these hats at a new knit group here in Vegas which meets midnight at McMullan's Pub. You Vegas people should come and check it out. We meet 12:30-3:30am. No traffic to/from, and it's a great time!

Fellow midnight knitter, Maddiehatter models both hats. WHN saw the pics and complimented me not showcasing in the shot the fact that I am taking pics of a kid's chemo hat in a bar. I reminded him that I am class and discretion all the way.

The first is a slouchy beanie.
slouchy beanie
I think on a kid, and worn further back it will be slouchier. Also, I'm thinking it will slouch up because I used cotton yarn.

The second hat is Verity. I knit size small using Rowan All Seasons Cotton.
This is the second time I have knit this, and both times it has come out more tam than beret, hopefully she will like it. I was sadly reminded that if she doesn't, she probably has a whole new set of friends that need hats.

I noticed on the Ravelry group, there were a few questions on knitting the band onto the hat. I took pics as I went on, because it was a fun technique.

First step was to knit the 1.5" of tab that overlaps and the button will be sewn on. Once done, I slid the tab (12 st I think) onto the needles that held the hat, with the inside of the hat facing me. The band will be knit onto the hat in the opposite direction that I knit the hat.

Tab ready to slide onto needles holding hat

Great thing about needle kits, I could knit on the needles and then connect to the cord holding the hat.

I knit in the band pattern but the last stitch of the band, I knit together with the closest hat stitch. The first couple of connecting stitches were loose, but easily pulled together tight.

The vertical row below the needles is the connected band. To the right is the band itself going and to the left the live hat stitches waiting to be connected.

Both hats were a quick satisfying knit, which sadly, is the only kind of knitting I can do right now. I'm knitting more for relaxation than for the challenge for the next few months, but hey, knitting is knitting!



Blogger Fuji Mama said...

They both turned out SO cute!

4:38 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

They are so great! You rock!

9:18 AM  

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