Sunday, October 21, 2007

hand snap ow

My right hand has been officially immobilized for the next 6 weeks.

I will post when I can talk someone into typing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Almost a month??

EEE GADS! I have been in moving hell. Partly because of moving during school as opposed to a break, incompetent movers, animals that not only wont help me move my stuff, but make me move their crap too etc

The one highlight of the move was my SP sent me an amazing package! I didnt have a camera at the time (did I mention I dropped my cellphone in a toilet at a bar??) but she sent me roving which is PERFECT FOR ME. I loved the colors but also, I have a ton of yarn, as my MIL keeps pointing out to me, so roving is much appreciated. I also got a cute pair of earrings that I had to keep on my ears for fear that MIL was going to steal. And the box was wrapped so cute too. Lots of color etc. I live in a world where noone ever wraps anything for me, so it was very exciting. THANK YOU SP for bringing a little fun to a crappy crappy weekend.

Without going into the gorey details, the move itself was disaster. I can't believe we got everything out and into our new house, but we did, but it took 24 hours of straight moving and car trips, as well as, literally just loading up our garage without thought of where something would eventually end up or when we would need it next. My MIL showed up a few days later. We spent our mornings in the garage until the heat would creep up on us and then the early evenings back in there. I did at least 8 car loads to the donation bin. We sorted through so many boxes. I had a bunch of before pictures just so I could really see how much progress I had made, but my camera went missing yet again. I have a strange feeling I left it at the Stratosphere.

Anyway, the one area where I have made no progress is my CRAFT LOFT!!! Yes, I am taking over an area of the house for all me. ME ME ME ME ME. But as you will see, I have just made a junky mess. I have no skill for deciding what goes where. My yarn I thought I would store up there, instead is in a cabinet downstairs. My dining area is covered in stuff meant for the loft, but as you can see, I havent made room for it there either.

Unfortunately, my local friends just stare blankly at me when I say craft, so no convincing anyone to spend an afternoon helping their dear ol' friend! But the dream of the loft will be a knitting, spinning, sewing, jewelry making mecha. My back patio will be dye central. But alas, all just a dream. Everytime I walk up there I just shift stuff, get overwhelmed and retreat to the living room to watch Dancing With the Stars with margarita in hand. (BTW, besides pointing out how much yarn I have, my MIL liked to point all the booze I have-- yes both are used solely by me. I tried to explain that if she too started drinking at 8:30am, she would too would have to have a large stock.)

Below are pictures from my new cellphone. Camera still gone. Please enjoy my shame.

The gorgeous view from below of my "fabulous" loft:

Stair leading to the loft. Yarn is unprotected there, so lovely ferret TIffany has been putting yarn away herself, under the couch.

Loft entrance:

Loft from different angles. Notice it has progressed from unpacked loft, to shithole.

But this problem is not just contained in the loft, these boxes all belong in the loft... all sorts of stuff like a Xyron, felting supplies, the ironing board (sewing's dirty little brother). That green cabinet that will be staying downstairs for now, is FULL OF YARN. I will open that up on a different show your shame day.

So there you go. All the stuff I found during packing, I have re-lost. THat's how awesome I am! Don't expect much progress as I am adrift in unsurehowtooganizemyspaceforbestutilizationness.

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