Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer in Vegas.. so far

Up until last weekend we were enjoying record low temperatures. Yes that's right, we had not reached 100 degrees. Scratch that now. I must be acclimatizing because the heat felt good when I moved from one A/C place to another.

I haven't done anything too exciting so far, but here are some of the things I have been up to:

Boxing match in Primm
Boxing match- Primm NV

Boxing match- Primm NV

I have to admit, I enjoyed myself. I didn't know that the ring girls are actually competing too for most applause. Boxing matches are great places to knit, btw.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid book signing:
Harry Reid book signing
Nevadans know exactly who ol' Harry is, but the rest of you, he is very popular Nevada. Barbara Walters and Amistead Maupin are also coming to town soon. I am more interested in the latter than the former.

OK enough of me. I know why you read this blog. Animal updates.

Sprinkles is adapting quite nicely, unless of course you ask the ferrets. They aren't so fond of her. We had a brief period where Babette chased her, but now she is back to terrorizing them. Again, if the ferrets and Sprinkles filled out their profiles on match dot com or eharmony, they would be put together. SO MUCH IN COMMON! Whatever. Let them be jerks and miss out on a potentially beautiful relationship.

However, the bigger animals seem to be adjusting better.
Sprinkles and Fred

Oops posted wrong picture.. how about this one?
Wait that looks a little too much like corner the kitten... I got a more harmonious one somewhere...

happy on the couch
As WHN would say, TV brings everyone together. Since they are asleep, must be the European Soccer Championship is on. Even typing it out made me YAWN. Though, I did form an attachment to a Romania player, Nicolita.

And if you little crocheters out there are curious and notice the afghan, it's one that has been around since I was a child, made by Grandmother. Though now as a knitter/crocheter myself, I notice so many things about it... little mistakes here and there, which I have to admit, are fun to find.... though no one better do that to my creations! Got that?!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liberace lives

I always wondered about the Liberace Museum nestled in a strip mall a couple miles off The Strip. If Elvis-o-rama behind The Strip couldn't stay open, I figured Liberace's days were numbered.
outside Liberace Museum
I was so wrong.

On a Thursday 2pm tour, there were 28 others basking in the campy crystal glory.

The museum is divided into two buildings. The front building where the tour starts, houses his cars and pianos. From that building the tour continues along the strip mall where his furrier and costume designer still have store space. When his costumer is there, she comes out and tells Liberace stories. I am sure this is delightful in the spring or late fall, but probably not so much in the 100+ degree summer. Other businesses renting in this mall include an Asian grocery store and a bar. The 2nd building holds his costumes and jewelry as well as the snack bar and gift shop.

The whole strip mall is owned by the Liberace trust. He bought the land in his heyday and started a non-profit organization as part of his continual battle with the taxman.


When I was a kid my dad had one of these cars, but in the more tasteful red sparkly paint. It's a kit car and a piece of it would arrive each month. I can't remember how many pieces arrived before he was like "SHIT I don't know how to build a car- and trying to figure it out kinda sucks" and took it it to his mechanic to put together for him. He drove this little deathtrap on the LA Freeways daily. Every day that he picked me up from school, the kids crowded around it.

Liberace pianos

Liberace kept track of his costumes and didn't duplicate them at a tour stop unless specifically asked (the Australians always requested the hotpants).
Liberace capes

Swarovski crystals were struggling before Liberace discovered them as a cheaper way to bejewel his costumes. You can buy crystals from the gift shop tax free and as a charity write off because of their non-profit status.

Liberace was unhappy with this painted portrait of his mom because of the swollen foot that was faithfully rendered.

A desk from Versailles. This reminds me: You know what Vegas is missing? An IKEA!
On the 2nd Sunday of the month, locals and their guests get in free. The rest of the time admission is $15, $10 for students and seniors. There is daily shuttle service to/from Strip hotels.


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