Thursday, May 08, 2008

Springs Preserve Knitting

A knitting group at the Springs Preserve meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month. The group founders, Jessica and Sarah, picked a perfect day/time because the Preserve is buzzing with a farmer's market from 4-8 and Wolfgang Puck's Cafe (where we met) holds seasonal events on this day too. Half way into our group, we had prime seats for the Mozart & Mojitos.
Happily knitting and crocheting away.

Our view- the Farmers Market in the courtyard (that is faux grass!). The background is downtown Vegas and the north end of The Strip in the background.

Jessica would not let her mojito drinking interfere with her knitting... or was it the other way around?

They have FANTASTIC gift shop. All items are from sustainable sources, or recycled materials.

Such as newspapers (they also had purses made from tires)

And of course I could not not take the picture of the knitted socks called soul mates (ie similar but mismatched socks) could this be a result of the sock knitting craze and the creation of fraternal twins socks?

A balsy little rabbit that insisted I take his picture.

If you live in Vegas and haven't checked out the Springs Preserves - GO! Thursday is 2 for 1 admission for the exhibit halls, a great bargain. The trails are free all the time. Check out their website for the tons of events they have.

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How fun! Put it on the "To Do" list...

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