Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Box unveiling

OK OK Kerry put me over the edge. I had put the box up, but Babette figured out how to get to it.

It's hard to tell, but for me to reach this shelf, I need a step stool. Why do they do this to me?

But currently all animals in the zoo are asleep.

(yes they sleep under the couch because they can't do anything for my convenience) The big butt (bad angle, but baby's got back) belongs to the Tiffany who is looking into the camera. The green in front were clothes I bought last winter because my hands were freezing here, but disappeared within hours of bringing them home. I given up on taking back my stuff, now I just note where she stashes it and take it back only when I plan to use whatever she has.

First the creams...
On the left Lavendar hand cream, which is fabulous for me because here in Nevada, my skin gets ugly dry. I will bring it with me to school. The other 2, are CHOCOLATE skin products. The middle one, I get, body milk. But the right one, what part of me is my trockene haut? I'm assuming I have one. Right? If I have a problem with my trockene haut I am sure this will help resolve it. I'll have to run that through the translator or bring it to school tomorrow and ask someone in the English department (if you dont know, most people that study English have to know 1 or 2 additional languages... let's put that to the test) They all smell wonderful. And Sibille sent the chocolate scent because she knows I love chocolate (and especially European chocolate) but I live in the desert so no chocolate until October at the very earliest. Hopefully no one will catch me licking my arm or trockene haute.

Next are the gummi candies (which I LOVE)

I live in a word of bears and worms, but the Germans have advanced gummi technology... I've had gummi sports equipment, gummi other animals, Germany is truly a gummi paradise.

And finally a menu from an American restaurant in Germany. I will have to post pictures of it because they have some fun menu items like chicken macaroni.

Ofcourse I can't forget the yarn that I showcased 2 posts ago. This is a good pic of them, so I decided to use it again. If I told you how much it cost, it would only make you cry. Let's just say the good ol US is sticking it to us sock yarn-wise.


Blogger Kerry said...

Wow!!! That's one fabulous package. Doesn't it make you sick knowing how cheap the yarns in Germany are? I love buying from Germany. Even with the shipping charges it's still cheaper than getting it here in the states.

Let me take a stab at the one on the right. I believe it is shower gel for dry skin. :-) If you decide to start licking your dry skin I want pictures of your co-workers faces. LOL

Thanks for sharing your goodies!

8:55 PM  
Blogger Mylerna said...

Wow - what a fun box of goodness :)

I've never had a ferret (forgive spelling) they are so cute. I've only had kitties - do you think they would get along?

9:05 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

You got the spelling right. That depends on what you consider "get along" My cat, is a natural mouser/ bird killer. He wanted to kill them both, he still does, but he only has four teeth left in his head and he knows that if he does, I'll tear those remaining teeth out. So he tolerates them. The ferrets on the hand, ADORE the cat. They love to "play" with him. They also know when to back off, so I trust them alone with him now. (Did I also mention my cat has a limp, so they are much faster) Ferrets are basically like cats on speed. I'm sure the Crafty Weasel will have more to say, check back for her comment. She is the ferret expert.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Javajem said...

awesome package! I can't wait to see what you make out of that awesome yarn. I'm work on a sock in Trekking right now too.

OH! I went to the ALbuquerque stitch and bitch tonight and guess who I met! Cynthia - my original SP. She was so awesome! Everyone was great and I had the best time!

11:57 PM  

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