Sunday, August 20, 2006

Random pics from my cellphone

I have to clean out my cellphone of its pics again... I used to think it was nutsy to have camera on phone, but now I couldnt imagine a phone not having it.

In no particular order:

Yarn that I am awaiting to arrive from Germany. OK this one I didnt take with my cellphone but when I was uploading cellphone pics, I stumbled across it, and frankly, I just like looking at it. My good pal Sibille is sending them to me. I think about if my yarn is on a ship or in a storage facility etc etc. Yes I wonder about my yarn. Don't judge.

A washcloth that I made for my friend who recently thought it was cute but dismissed I had a blog... I wonder how dismissive she would be if she knew I posted her picture months ago. SHH! Or that I recently posted about sending a sexy text message to her dad. Double SHHH!

A typical Vegas site. Yes not only lots of fake boobs in Vegas, but lots of fake women all together. This just reminds me of seeing a little boy drag his teddy bear or something. If anyone watched Hell's Kitchen, the hotel that was featured, Red Rock is about 20-30 minutes from the strip. HK would always show the strip and then the hotel, but I guess that looks better than showing what actually is across the street, a Costco. But it is next to a pretty canyon. The restaurant she "won" is Tbones Chophouse & Lounge

Yesterday I went to knitting group and started these socks. Both are OPAL yarns. The red one is Tropicana and the other is just plain stockinette. I was just able to turn the heel before group ended. Hopefully I will start my decreases soon and not just forget about them. A rule change for SP9 is that one post a month should be fiber/ hobby related. I am horrible at that so I shouldn't put all my fiber related topics in this post...let's just say if you see this pic next month, act like it's new OK?

View from Hoover Dam. I like this picture because it looks retro like something from the 50s/60s.

Inside the Venetian Hotel Vegas. I took this pic because I was meeting up with WHN and I texted my location, but thought it would just be easier to take a pic. I like that outside it was 11pm, but inside, daytime in Venezia, but cleaner.

When I graduated from HS my friend and I went to Europe. We stayed at some really grimey places as most poor students do. OK so we never stayed in a hostel like Quentin Tarrentino's, but we did stay in an Amsterdam hostel in the Red Light District, where we shared a bathroom with guys that had a big trough and no doors on stalls. Guys would try to pick up on girls while peeing etc... You knew we were the Americans because we would take turns standing guard while the other used the bathroom... and ofcourse we used the one all the way in the back etc etc... We always thought we were so internationale, but compared to the freewheeling devil Europeans may care when it comes to body functions etc we were like Sunday School teachers in the late 1800s. In France we stayed at a cheap hotel where we caught the manager sniffing our underwear while the assistant manager was cuddling with one of our bras. In Nice, we had to share a pillow. In Venice, our first Italian stop, we were looking forward to amazing Italian food. We arrived at the hostel as the cook was opening up an industrial can of Chef Boyardee. They were also really strict on their opening of the main doors. We had to leave the hostel by 7:30am to catch a train, but they didnt open until 8am. So we surrendered our cards (they kept our hostel cards at each hostel while we were there.. probably to help id bodies incase anything happened.) We climbed out the upstairs bathroom window and shimmied down a pipe. In London we stayed in a "B&B" which was the posh flat of a former model who was too old for that so transitioned into the escort business. She wasn't allowed to use her place for this, so we were instructed to stash our backpacks and sneak the contents in separately little by little. And if anyone were to ask us, we were her cousins or neices. Her neighbors had to think she had some freak family. I have no idea how she explained the parade of johns. Her apartment was full of mirrors and pics of her. Including the kitchen and floor to ceiling mirrors in the bathroom. I thought I was aware of my body when I arrived there, but let's just say after bathing in that bathroom, I discovered freckles and moles I never knew existed.

When I travel now I am such a Princess that WHN before seeing the pics and my Eurail pass never believed how rough I used to travel. This trip was the opposite of luxury, but I had an amazing time (even when my friend used her broken French to try and explain to a dr that I had toncilitis) and I think all kids should have the rites of passage traveling experience.

Now I can refill my camera again with random Vegas/ knit pics.


Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

I think you are absolutely right about travelling rough at least once in your life. Another one that is important - visit a 3rd world country at least once! Both thing are quite good learning experiences that will put things into perspective!

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made similiar trips: In Amsterdam we slept near the Red Light District but sadly missed the gays ;-)
The first or second time we went to London we booked half of a 4-bed-room. There was a kind of broom closet but what we didn't knew was that it was let to a student. We noticed that when his alarm clock rang at 05.00 am and he ran / stumbled through our room (probably to the bathroom).
I could tell a lot about Paris and my lousy French speaking but I'm afraid that is X-rated.
Just this much: French men ask about dimples ... not in your face only ...

who agrees to the crafty weasel's comment

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Purl said...

I love the trekking yarn!!!! I love Vegas, always something to do.

12:10 PM  

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