Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sock WIPs

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I’m taking Socktoberfest seriously. OK maybe it’s that I feel like knitting but I am in that you know the I want to knit, but not sure what to commit to.

The blueish sock is Opal- I think one of the rain forrest ones. I can’t remember now. The second is sock yarn I bought (yes do you fucking believe I am buying sock yarn considering the socky stash I have???) I couldn’t resist. I was in Santa Fe... I was on my way to Taos... I was just ITCHING to buy some yarn. It didn’t hurt that it is in my 2 fav colors green and burgandy. The neat gimmicky thing about Austermann is they put aloe & jojoba in the yarn (how long that will last no clue.) It’s weird because switching between the 2, was soft- scratchy- soft- scratchy. It’s not like Opal is scratchy or probably this isn’t as soft as I think, but the combo... Notice the blue one is ready to join it’s mate. I knit this way, so I am always completing and half through another pair at the same time-- double accomplishment to me. Yes, my life is a series of negotiations and mind tricks on myself.

My next sock that will join the second mate of the Austermann is another Opal, that seems nice and fally (I probably won’t finish it until spring and then I will say it is nice and summery ;) I haven’t decided on the pattern, so if any suggestions for this bad boy, let me know.

I also thought I would include some yarn that I got from Taos :

The blue will end up in Germany...unless of course the middle one is preferred. The vendor recommends it for sock yarn, but I haven’t decided. I love the left one, I am thinking of making gloves. I don’t know yet.

BTW, the middle one, as well as the Austermann sock yarn is one of a few examples where Javajem and I grabbed for the same things. We have enough similar tastes that if I ever become a shut in, I can just send her out with cash and tell her to buy 2 of everything. That’s a very comforting thought for some reason... especially because I can also be very indecisive.

As I blog I am watching Shopgirl. I LOVED the story of quiet desperation told in Steve Martin’s first novella. So I have a soft spot for the movie. It’s a rainy day today so I am staying inside switching between this movie and The Waterboy- same theme just told differently. I’ve seen them each a bunch of times ever since I TIVO’d them last weekend. Yes, I can watch or listen to something over and over. I’m like a child that way. Maybe once Dancing With the Stars gains momentum (and I’ll be able to skip the commercials, the you better vote or a kitten will die lectures, the review of last week etc etc) I will switch to that.

Last few notes:
For SP9rs: You selected a winner, “I realize that I want a hug from Mr. T” had all the concise quirky charm expected from a random fact.

Everyone else: I think I fixed the picture issue. Are they coming up faster?


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