Sunday, September 17, 2006

Too grimey for knitting, too tired to care

OK so today I went to a speed reading class (2 of 4). So far I have improved my reading by 200 wpm. I came home today with visions of knitting, studying and vegging, but instead cleaned. I left my cellphone in the car, and when I went to the garage to retrieve it, I dont know what came over me, but I decided to mow the lawn. Like Im some meth-head house wife with a ton of energy, I thought I would tackle this. The lawn was 3 weeks overdue (ug) to be mowed. WHN kept telling me he would but never did. He has this clever ploy of saying that he doesnt want to do it in the heat, and will wait until it cools down, and OH OOPS it's already dark. Guess it will wait until tomorrow.

Reasons for me not to do it:
-Never mowed a lawn in my life (and not on any of my to do before I die lists)
-There's got to be a reason he's been putting it off (like it's not fun)
-Do I want to set the precendent that if it goes long enough I will just give in and do it?

Frankly, if we didn't live in an association I would hold out until it turned into a jungle. Though also I think of our poor girl dog that hates squatting in tall grass. This is one of those things that universal womanhood of all species would understand and men are oblivious to.

My big worry was going out there and not knowing there was some man secret to it and looking like an ass in front of the neighbors.

What I learned:
-doesnt take that long and WHN should have been out there doing it
-cords are a pain in the ass as is turning the mower

While I was mowing, a little neighborhood boy rides his training wheel bike up to me and says, "my mommy's BF mows our lawn." I said, "is he cute? Does he have a brother?" I wanted to say, yeah they all do stuff like that when they are BFs... or you look like a strong 4 year old. Want to play gardener?"

So now to the edging part. I dont know how to use the strimmer. When I turned it on, it didnt seem to be doing anything so, like any good cyber citizen, I looked for directions online. I also managed to pull it apart (dont ask me why) without having any clue how to put it back together as well as shoot a rock into my leg (OUCH). Something happened while I was strimming. I either broke it or the battery isnt charged. I did all that effort and I dont even get the feeling of finished accomplishment (which btw, the "battery is dead" is how WHN gets out of strimming almost everytime. Evidently he doesn't need that finished feeling of accomplishment.)

Anyway, hopefully WHN will be smart enough to praise the work I did and not so stupid that he mentions that it wasnt finished.

New yarn/ WIP courtesy of cellphone camera (hence not great color quality):

They're supposed to be contrasting colors, I hope these will be contrasty enough. I just didnt want the black white combo.Yarn from Knitpicks for the Sanquhaur gloves that I want to do:

I haven't used Gloss before, these are the colors off their site:

Reversal cable scarf from Scarf Style in Touch Me (god I wish I could swathe my body head to toe in this stuff) Color Terra Cotta (one of MY colors... which good for me, because I am normally drawn to colors I think our gorgeous but then look like crap on me. OK so I know when I buy them they wont be flattering for me and that I will be unhappy with the end result, but yet I cant help it.

Latest STR club shipment (TItania):


Blogger Kat said...

I love your Touch Me color choice - where did you get your yarn? I love that scarf - and would love to knit it. I say yeah for you for mowing the lawn - :-) Have a great week!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Mylerna said...

You go girl! My yarn turns into a jungle and then my hubby gets tired of it and mows it. Sad I know but our yard is a MOUNTAIN. I need to post pics sometime. Good for you!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea! Knit the gloves, then recognize that you don't need gloves in LV and put them into my next box ;-))


11:20 PM  
Blogger tocspaw said...

I have only mowed a lawn once in my life. I was 15 years old and bitched and moaned about it like only a teenage girl can, and I've never had to mow the lawn again. Now I live in the desert, so there's no lawn to be mown :-)

6:09 PM  
Blogger Miss Priss Knits said...

Sitting here staring at the screen thinking I can't believe she never mowed the lawn. :)

7:43 AM  

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