Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Weekend Craft Show

This weekend was the Harvest Festival. I have no idea what it is called that because we have 2 or 3 times a year. This is the first time there wasn't someone there selling knitting related things. Last time there was a vendor that took novelty yarns and sew them into strips for scarves. However, this time around the knitting community not represented.

Lots of stuff for Christmas. I did find a couple pieces of jewelry. Both made by Thomas Tucker. I love shells which this bracelet has with Nevada turqouise so it combines my love of the sea with my something from my new home.

The other piece is a green (my fav color) freshwater pearl. I love when the classic pearl is juxtaposed with a modern or rougher setting. I tried to take a photo to bring out the green, but cellphone cameras.. what can you do.

There were a ton of those motorized scooters around. I dont know if this is a Vegas thing, but there are a ton of people that how should I say, have shoes that should be wearing out but aren't. I think this trend will cause counters to be lowered so these people will be able to see the items easier, which will lead to back problems to the willingly able-bodied who then in turn will need assistance of scooters. Soon no one will walk anywhere and there will be inescapable traffic jams in everywhere.

Sadly there was a lot shoddy merchandise: Sloppy painting, bad seams etc. These items ofcourse are selling for lower prices making people feel like they are getting deals. The real artisans then ofcourse look over-priced. Or maybe it's a matter of their work not being appreciated in comparison? I guess we go through that as knitters with most non-knitters not getting the time and material expense of whipping them up a sweater.

Did you see that Interweave is having a swap? Spin to Knit I'm thinking about subjecting some poor slob out there to my spinning.


Blogger Miss Priss Knits said...

A spinning swap sounds fun, would do if I knew how and if I knew the hub wouldn't kill me for adding another swap on my pile.

4:37 AM  
Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhh gorgeous shopping! I love both the bracelet and ring!

Hey, fancy joining the Tweeding Along KAL? :-)

8:50 AM  
Blogger Javajem said...

I love the bracelet!

I just made my hotel reservations for October 6th and 7th - I'll be in Taos for the Wool festival!! I'll be there Friday and Saturday. I hope you can go! If you decide to go and want to fly to Albuquerque and drive up together - let me know!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

I love the jewelry.. I see you are in the yarn coop too. Did you order any of the sock yarn last time around?

6:13 AM  

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