Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shane, Man of Many Words and Few Teeth

OK accident of the 5 prevented me from getting to my MAC lesson so I will have to wait until later this week, early next to resolve blogline problem. Until then posting text only on blogger... if you wanna see pics... go to


Now the post:
Tomorrow I have a MAC lesson so hopefully I will have the RSS feed resolved.

Last night I saw The Pogues (full original line-up.) The band was really tight, though more poignant was watching Shane McGowan. His long battles with drugs/alcohol can be readily seen in his face and as he stumbled around the stage. His voice was still wonderful, but he had the drunken toddler walk. Let’s just say there are no more worries of him jumping off the stage and picking fights. Those days are long over. He did have a drink and a cig in his hands the whole time-- it wouldn’t feel like Shane otherwise. (Random fact: When WHN worked on the road, had to be Shane’s babysitter and make sure he got on stage and kept the whiskey down to 3 bottles. I can only imagine how many people have to watch him in Vegas to keep him from wandering off... there’s all sorts of ways for him to get into trouble in here-- and I don’t just mean eating too many 99 cent shrimp cocktails.) The picture is from my cellphone when they did FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK--My favorite all time Pogues song and WHN’s name fav Christmas song of all time. In the end when they waltz, she was totally holding him up-- just like Kristy McColl used to have to do.

(Second Random fact: Spider (tin whistle) got married yesterday in Vegas.

I had a spinning breakthrough! Turns out that learning to spin with merino sheep was a bad idea. It evidently to slick for a newbie spinner with no skills. I switched to Lincoln sheep and it is working out much better because the fibers are much grippier if that makes sense (hope you don’t get lost in my techno-jumble ;) I have a huge bag of it now and hopefully once I work my way through it, I will be able to kick Merino’s ass.

I’m still working out the kinks... and the not spun enough as you see in the center of the spindle.

On the knitting front, the ferrets stole my knitting to a new hiding area so my socks (they really don’t seem concerned that it’s SOCKTOBERFEST at all) and Fetching are at a stand still. Again, I knew the ferrets like to steal, I just didn’t think it would be my stuff. Yes, before you even go there, I envision them to be little cat burglars that would be go out and bring me back diamond necklaces, sports cars, boats etc.


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