Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shelby's questions

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Actor - Ewan McGregor
Actress - Ewan McGregor
Animal - Otter
Band - Bowie, The Proclaimers
Book - Anything by John Irving
Bubble Bath - anything really bubbly
Candy - Chocolate
Color - Green 
Drink- rootbeer, lemonade
Flower - stock
Food - mac ‘n’ cheese, curry
Lip Balm - anything really waxy
Lotion - no pref
Movie - Valley Girl
Place- anywhere by the sea
Song - Take It On the Run
TV Show - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Top Chef, Maury (come on those Babydaddy episodes are the best!)
Yarn- anything in my hot little hands
Vacation Spot - Aruba

I finished FETCHING last night. They are a gift for someone that loves green, but then after I made them, I realized that the scarf I made for her last year is almost the exact color made from Knit Picks Andean Silk. BTW, was not great to work with it was splitty and got fuzzy... you know like sometimes when yarn is overworked or washed rough it gets really really used looking. I didn’t overwork it and it just did not seem to hold up great. But back to this year and Fetching:

I was able to whip these up in an evening so I might keep this for myself and make her a pair in darker green (which I have thanks to my SP8) or black. Who knows they might end up under the couch with everything else I knit thanks to the ferrets.


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