Saturday, August 27, 2005

Knitting Wasteland

Something about Vegas. People will come here for the shows. Come here for gambling. Come here for the buffets and outlet malls.

People will not come here for knitting.

There is one shop that is OK but not a huge selection. The main employee, Wendy is very nice, the owner is not that friendly. But then she does have to be as the only real game in town. However, I think I would be 100% mail order if it wasn't for Wendy. So at least the owner is smart enough to hire well.

Oddly, there is a fiber store! Go figure. They are really into their weaving and looms here. I have a drop spindle, but haven't decided if I want to go full board and get a spinning wheel.

There is a quilting store that has some yarn, but it's one of those catch 22's. You don't want to shop there because there selection is really limited, but if you don't shop there, their selection will never increase.


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