Friday, November 18, 2005


OK so I have a friend that is produces the local NBC new show at 6am. She's regaled me with stories of drunk people calling her at 2am with story ideas. I am never that productive after a few drinks, but, some people are go getters. The other day I read that Australia is looking to rename Kangaroo meat (pig = pork, cow = beef) to make it more palatable to people.

This story seemed cute to me, but a few hours later after a couple of pints of hard cider, it seemed hilarious and I called my friend and pitched it to her. She couldn't find any video of it, but it got on the morning news as the end of the show banter.

I felt like such a pupper-master. My friend said she would be happy to put on any other drunken new stories I find.


Blogger Ina said...

It's your book exchange pal, wondering if you received my email. Do let me know. Thanks.

9:09 AM  

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