Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lost in the Library

OK, so I am not lost, but I wanted a pithy title. I am in one of the study booths which I actually kind of like in a Don Corleone Godfather kind of way. I am going to be here until 11:15 or so when the husband comes by and picks me up. This is my way of forcing me to study. As you can tell, it is less effective than when I first conceived the plan. But it’s not entirely my fault. I am supposed to be reading the Homer Hymns. OI!! Word after word line after line page after page of I love you Zuess for this I love you for that. I have to suck it up and start reading soon as I have to take a quiz on it by Sat.

I am also catching a cold. You know when you are at the point where you are just mildly uncomfortable, but you know you are going to wake up the next day feeling like shit? I am hoping that shot of “IMMUNITY” boost I had in my Jamba Juice will cure me in the next hour or so.


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