Sunday, August 28, 2005

new family member

So the cool thing about Vegas is that ferrets are legal. Not only legal, but the local Petco are crawling with them. I used to have a rat and she ws so much fun that I thought a bigger smarter version would be even better.

Alas, we welcomed Tiffany home. I learned that bigger smarter isn't necessarily better. Whereas a rat is incredibly loyal and wanting to hang out with their owner, a ferret has the attention span of... that's how short is - I can't even finish the sentence before Tiffany is off on another tangent.

Also, I wasn't warned that basically her favorite thing in the world is my yarn. My squares, my fiber. ANd she isn't a fan of acryllic. So much for trying to plant a ball for her to take. So on a weekly basis, I have to pull out the couch and retrieve my yarn, knitted socks, etc.


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