Monday, January 09, 2006

SP7 Questions

1. Am I a yarn snob? I prefer to say I am a connoisseur of fine yarns.

2. Do I spin or crochet? I've been crocheting since I was a child. I am planning to learn to use a wheel this year. I get the concept of drop spindling, but the actual practice of it I suck at.

3. What do I store my needles in? I use Denise needles so they have a case, extra needles go in hand me down toolcase. My crochet hooks are the mess of unorganization now.

4. How long have I been knitting, and what is my skill level? 7 years. Intermediate level.

5. Do I have an online wishlist? I need to start one... didnt I say that on the last questionairre.

6. What is my favorite scent? I like citrus and juniper. I like really fresh smells... and bleach.

7. Do I have a sweet tooth? YES!

8. What other crafts or do it yourself things do you like? I'm trying to stick to yarn crafts. THough, I am toying with idea of taking a quilting class but ug everything they are making looks so "quaint." I can do shabby chic, but not quaint. Im trying to learn how to use my knitting machine. I'm still practicing needle felting.

9. What kind of music do I like, and can my computer play mp3s? I listen to alternative, 80s, and big band. I just got satellite radio so I am in heaven (if you ever tried to listen to Vegas radio you would understand... that is unless you like hearing the same three Madonna songs over and over again)

10. What is my favorite color? My favorite color is teal, but I look horrible in it, so my next favorite is green which I look fabulous in ;) I also like burgandies. I've been feeling warm pinks paired with browns lately.

11. What is my family situation, and do I have pets? I'm one goat short of a petting zoo. I have: bulldog, cat (rescue), green iguana (rescue), and 2 ferrets

12. Do I wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos? I wear gloves more than mittens. But I wear all of them, many people only think of Vegas is HOT HOT but it gets COLD COLD in the winter.

13. What are your favorite yarns to knit with? Zara, Noro, Malabrigo, and TOUCH ME. (I love me the touch me!)

14. What fibers do I not like? Nah I like most things.

15. What is my current knitting obsession? I'm trying to find a cute glove pattern that has ties on the wrist. I have knitting ADD so there are usually a bunch of things I want to knit.

16. What are my favorite items to knit? No favorites. I love to knit anything.

17. What am I knitting right now? Color-on-Color scarf is yet to be finished (see last questionairre); Im waiting for yarn to arrive any day from KnitPicks for Midwest Moonlight for my SIL. I dont know whether she would prefer that or falling leaves. She's not the easiest to please.

18. Do I like handmade gifts? Yes.

19. Do I prefer straight or circular needles? CIRCS!

20. Bamboo, aluminum, or plastic? Addi's are my favorite for speed, but my Denise's are fast too. Basically speed is everything to me.

21. Do I own a yarn winder or swift? I wish! Not enough people listened to WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.

22. How did I learn to knit? Barbara Walker's Learn To Knit Afghan book

23. How old is my oldest ufo? The squares made from question 22 haven't been put together.

24. What is my favorite animated character? I like Marvin the Martian and the poor cat that always gets paint on her back so Pepe thinks she is le skunk.

25. What is my favorite holiday? Christmas because everyone decorates and I get presents.. but if more people decorated for my birthday...

26. What do I collect? because of all the space my knitting etc takes up, I try not to collect things

27. What knitting subscriptions do I have? Interweave, Vogue Knitting, Cast On

28. Any books, patterns, etc I've been trying to get? Klaralund. I discovered it last night and I must have it.

29. Are there any techniques I'd like to learn? I have the moebius book but I am not getting it.

30. Am I a sock knitter? I am a sock yarn collector... I need to be more vigilant about my sock knitting. I have a pair half knitted that my ferrets dragged under the sofa.

31. When is your birthday? 3/15


Blogger Unknown Knitter said...

Hi there - I am your Secret Pal for SP7!! I can't wait to start spoiling you! Thank you for filling out the questionnaire - it's a big help. Happy Knitting!!!
PS - I vote for Branching Out, lol

4:26 PM  

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