Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pulling myself together

So I am finally get over round 2 of my personal hell flu. And it's perfect because I got over just in time for 3 days of Winter break. Who needs a whole month? Sure I could have spent the month learning to use my knitting machine, picking out my classes (I still dont have my schedule set), bought my books cheaper online, read the books I wanted to (I started John Irving's latest this past summer) and get a head start for this semester (the hell that is my reading list is for another post); cleaned out closets; screwed off; spent more than 1 day X-Mas shopping and at a place that wasnt valet parking because I didnt have the strength to duke it out in parking lots; KNIT; crochet; felt... I could go on, but really who needs to do all of that? I got 3 days here! Oh wait, I did have 2 days of feeling OK between flu 1 and 2 where I went to the snow. And I did get to buy my textbooks at the university bookstore, so I got to pretend to be real posh. TSK TSK Who needs a discount. I did watch 5 seasons of The Gilmore Girls in a 4 solid day marathon. So yeah, it was a GREAT break.

Enough of me and no time, though I feel like I can still complain, since I still have slight congestion and a runny nose. But at least I dropped the cough. It's so embarassing coughing in public because people look and step away at me like I have the clap but worse.

And maybe it is the drugs talking, but I have been toying with taking a quilting class. Reasons to, I dont know how to sew (yes, I know straight lines is quilting and I can do that) and it seems like something fun to do. I like the idea of having quilts on my bed that I made. Reasons not to, no time and what time I have will get taken away from knitting. The class I am looking at it starts off making really quaint house and barn blanket. I'm not a house and barn type of gal. How long would it be before I can make something I like (I dont know shot glasses and beer can motif who knows) Also, remember when we started knitting and we had no idea of the cost involved in making stuff? I know I have friends that think they are going to get a cheap angora sweater out of me and I have to explain that there is no cheap angora. Do I want to spend my yarn money on buying fabric to make barns and houses?


Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohh poor you - hope you feel 100% very soon!!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Unknown Knitter said...

First - I hope you are feeling better!! Second - good luck when school starts again! Third - I say, skip the quilting class and buy MORE YARN!! And fourth, if you ever do find cheap angora - let me know!!!!
Your SP7 :)

12:59 PM  
Blogger Ina said...

Glad you're finally feeling better!

If you're going to wander into fat quarter land, forget barns, log cabins, etc and go for the shot glasses and beer cans! I bet there isn't a quilt pattern called "Boilermaker." Yet, anyway.

10:19 AM  

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