Friday, August 03, 2007

On The Road to Yuma

When I last left off, I was on my way to Yuma. I am back and to force me to be more regular of a poster as well as not feel guilty about inundated you with pictures, I am dividing the trip up into digestable chunks. So here we go....

Yuma is a bordertown with Mexico. In fact, many of Dubya's immigration speeches happen there. It's also on the border of California. It was crazy for me one minute in California the next in Arizona then California then Arizona then Mexico and around and around. Also Arizona doesn't follow daylight savings, but California does.

The drive there is literally through the middle of nowhere Nevada, California, and Arizona. Two lanes. One to get you there and the other to get you back. Miles and miles of desert. I know what you are thinking... surely there was a LYS to be had. Living out in the middle of nowhere you need to do something besides make meth. No. Literally "towns" were just an intersection. And not even intersetions with lights-- just stop signs.
Vidal Junction stop

However there were some interesting and enterprising businesses.
Vidal Junction Cafe
Vidal Junction Cafe
How many people call this place the Vidal Junction Cafe vs the Chicken place or the Big Chicken or Cluckers or insert chicken here. But this wasn't the only place in Vidal into BIG ASS animals:
Cool Stuff in Vidal

Cool Stuff in Vidal 2
Way Cool stuff!

Cool stuff in Vidal 4

Cool stuff in Vidal 5
Because ofcourse a dolphin needs to be in water!

bears humping in Vidal
I wonder if the proprietor poses the bears like this or the two teens in Vidal Junction with nothing better to do, constantly repose them.

There were also resorts nearby, and quite economical:
Resort life

And like all deserts, we found an oasis with grass and non cactus trees. This is the Colorado River.

Bridge to Yuma

We also passed this honey place, but decided to hit on the way back when there was light. More on this in a later post.
honey truck 3.jpg

We arrived in Yuma around 9pm and were greeted by the 9 cats and 1 dog that live at the family home. I barely like my cat. But little one eye... shit what was his name... Call him Blindey, he was quite the charmer. He was really the only cat the paid attention to me. But, it became weird attention. If I sat in a chair he would knead my shoulder then my breasts... it was really quite creepy and embarassing. As a guest, I was unsure what the protocal was. I didn't want to be mean to their crippled cat, yet letting him get to 2nd base with me without even buying me a drink and in front of everyone was not acceptable either.
one eye.jpg

But Larry was appropriately loveable.

Also while getting a drink out of the fridge, I noticed the chore chart for the 19 year old son.
Yes, everyone wonders what he is doing wearing, but not using one...

On that responsible note, I will break until next time - THE PRISON!

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Blogger Jinann said...

Great pictures! Geez....the "town" looked a bit desolate! No wonder there were no LYS's!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Channon said...

A blog even my hubby will love! We haven't been to the Southwest in about ten years, and we both miss it. Thanks for hosting SP11!

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Suse said...

The pictures are very funny but the list is hilarious... a very age appropriate and unappropriate one at the same time :lol:

2:42 AM  

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