Friday, January 27, 2006


Don't you hate it when you lose something important like keys or a wallet and you are almost sure that it's not permanently gone---just misplaced? Thursday night we went to Mammia Mia at Mandaly Bay. I remember having my wallet checking for dollar bills for the valet. I remember that I didnt even pull my wallet completely out of my purse to do it, yet my wallet was missing the next morning.

My purse has a magnet closure meaning that it always closes and people can't readily reach into... People can't. But ferrets can. I knew that my wallet couldnt have just fallen out. But we call the Harley Davidson restaurant (they advertised "the best bbq" so we had to check it out) We called Mandalay Bay.

We tore the house apart. Looked in their favorite hidey holes. For anyone that doesn't know, ferrets like to spend their time stealing and stashing. The older one, Tiffany, she was not a suspect because she only likes soft things (like yarn) or smelly things (like worn socks) She also only has one stash area. The younger one Babette was our prime suspect. She likes rubbery hard things. Unfortunately, she isn't as focused as Tiffany and doesnt hide things in any specific(s) spot.

I shined bright lights and interrogated each weasel. I did the good cop/ bad cop. I said I had a deal on the table for the first one to offer me information. Every Law & Order or NYPD Blue trick I could think of.

The dilemma how long to hold out before I go to the DMV (which in Nevada does not make appointments, but the do have rows and rows of chairs for the half a day wait) to replace my license, cancel my credit/ debit cards, etc etc. I know I feel like as soon as I replace everything, the wallet will turn up. What was even more irritating was for the past week I had my dr license outside of my wallet, and I put it in that evening as we were walking out.

But today, as I was looking to grab my other id's to go to the DMV with my knitting (I thought I would see it as a SnB session but one where everyone forgot to bring their projects) I found my wallet wedged in our futon in the spare room.

Funny thing, later I was at the post office mailing something off to my Spoilee and I left my wallet on top of the postage machine. I remember as I was halfway to my car.


Blogger Unknown Knitter said...

I am so glad you found your wallet! That would have been such a hassle to cancel credit cards and such (at least you could have knitted during the wait at the DMV!)
:) :) :)

5:33 PM  
Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh weasels!!!!!! :-)

10:11 AM  

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