Monday, May 15, 2006

San Francisco Days

This past weekend I was in the Bay Area. I am going to stick to the fiber related activities, but besidesI arrived Friday and met up with on of my SP charges, The Queen of Snarkville at Artfibers, a really unique yarn store that manufacturers their own yarn. (Basically an upscale, brick-and-mortar KnitPicks.) They have a huge selection. I picked out a decent amount of yarn. The Queen seem to enjoy picking out ugly yarn to see if I would buy it.

I also hit a couple yarn shops in the East Bay: Stash and Article Pract. It was wonderful to be in knitting shops that have NEW yarns. I was in heaven. H-E-A-V-E-N. HEAVEN!

The following day I did my 2 classes: machine knitting and dyeing at Nancy's Machine Knit to Dye For studio and I actually met Jeni, The Knitist, who recommended the class to me via her blog.

This first morning I spent using the machine. The 2nd part of the morning, I spent dyeing machine knitted yarn for socks.

The undyed yarn:

Applying the dye:

Wrapped in plastic wrap to go into the steamer.

Another person working away (I love the colors!)

Because I plan so well (by the way, doing a trip right after finals, leads to an unorganized traveller... I was a sketch the whole weekend) I booked a flight right after the class with no wiggle room. So, all my work is still in CA, but once I get it, I will take pics and force you all to continue to watch and read about my little mini-obsession (who Jeni, btw, on more than one occasion made me promise not to blame her for it.)

OH! But one unrelated knitting thing... I LOVED having a king size bed all to myself. I didnt have to fight the cat, dog, or WHN for space! I was in heaven. I would like to say I missed them and the ferrets, but, well...

So now I am more confident with my knitting machine. I am ready to start dyeing like mad.

PS- The Queen wanted me to decree what a lovely person is.


Blogger The Queen said...

I only asked because you constantly threatened to tell everyone in blogland how horrible I was -- which I totally wasn't -- if you forget the forced march through the downtown SF to lunch.
On the other subject, I should mention that you have joined a special group of people where I try to get them to buy the most horrible of all yarns -- you didn't bite either, but it is one of my few amusements.
And for the record, your fuzzy, muppet socks will totally rock -- until your toes are attacked by a wayward Ferret.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

No, you constantly asked if what I was going to write, so I thought if you were going to ask I was going to yank your chain.

9:47 PM  
Blogger tellen said...

Okay, I seriously need to try that on my machine. Knit up the natural and then dye it... What a concept! lol Glad someone else was thinking. I can't wait to see what it looks like...

10:08 PM  
Blogger said...

seems that the trip was fun!
your dyed yarn looks great - the socks will be phantastic. I'm sure

11:18 PM  

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