Sunday, May 07, 2006

Summer animal days

Recently I pulled into my driveway and saw my cat along sitting with another calico cat out on the grass. Calico seems nonplussed at my presence. I pull in slowly because I didn't want one of them to bolt and run under my car (my cat would be stupid enough for that) As I watch Calico, he changes position, squats and starts to take a dump on my front grass. A what?? Where is the hole digging? What cat goes on grass? What happened to the hole digging, burying and covering? Have the LV cats evolved to not doing these steps because the ground is hard underneath the top soil? While the Calico is doing this my cat is just sitting there. I pull my cat out of a fight at least once a week and now all of sudden he gets all John Lennon on me? Isn't it a bad thing to have another cat leaving his scent on your territory? After I picked up the HUGE pile, my useless cat and I walked into the house where he immediately used his litter box. So now I am mad at my cat for throwing it in my face how useless he is. The neighbor cats I just view as getting ready to crap on my grass at any given moment.

Remember this nursery rhyme?
Love Little Pussy
I love little pussy, her coat is so warm;
And if I don't hurt her, she'll do me no harm.
So I'll not pull her tail, nor drive her away
But pussy and I very gently will play.
She shall sit by my side, and I'll give her some food;
And she'll love me because I am gentle and good

I'll pat pretty pussy, and then she will purr;
And thus show her thanks for my kindness to her.
But I'll not pinch her ears, not tread on her paw,
Lest I should provoke her to use her sharp claw.
I never will vex her, nor make her displeased -
For pussy don't like to be worried and teased

Today it feels like 90s but I think we are only in the 80s right now. I decided to provide summertime fun for the animals. We didn't fill it too much at first because iguanas have a tendency to use it initially as a toilet.

The water is good for her because she is going into a skin shed (you can see a little excess skin on her leg) In deeper water she can swim by serpentining. She was dumped in there enough times today that I cut her a break. I will get it filled higher faster the next time. Maybe in a few days I will get her lap swimming... onto the mammals!

I've been toying with the idea that ferrets can swim. They are related to the otter and good swimmers. So far Tiffany and Babette haven't enjoyed baths, but I chalked that up to little kids not wanting to have baths.

Ofcourse while all this was going on, guess who was just enjoying sunbathing. Though it is one her favorite activities, sunbathing is incredibly not great for her because of overheating. Last year I went to a special presentation: "how to fight overheating in bulldogs" But there's nothing we can do, she is such a sunworshipper. She won't even do it unless it is in the middle 80s. She normally likes to sleep in, but as the summer progresses, she will get up earlier to sunbathe (there is her sweet time where it is still really hot but the ground wont be burny. That, my friends, is her perfect sunbathing weather.)

What is so cool is that no matter how hot and summery it is, I can still start preparing for Halloween.

And Christmas! WOOHOO!


Blogger said...

I never thought I'd ever call a bulldog cute - but this is really a cute pic, looks like somebody dropped her there ;-))

11:29 PM  
Blogger Miss Priss Knits said...

Your lil animals are so wonderful! I am going to have to get a little pool for Bacardi. I thought they didn't like water but looking at yours they seem to enjoy it. How does your bulldog get along with your ferrets? One day we might get one but don't want them to be jealous of each other.

5:19 AM  
Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh I am jealous of all those sun and pool baths! Aren't animals the best? :-)

7:47 AM  

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