Friday, April 21, 2006

Maya Angelou

I still can't find my camera so no ferret stories... and today they had a bath. Good times.

So instead I will write about seeing Maya Angelou last week when she spoke at UNLV. It was good, she read her speech, which seemed weird since I would think she does the same one each time. But my favorite part of any of these speaking engagements are the Q&A because that's when the bizarreness begins. There were the general 20 minute long speeches before the questions...or questions that aren't really questions. At one point during one of them Maya Angelou said, DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION. But my favorite question was "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH What a kooky question. Maya Angelou just stared and then turned and walked out. Can you imagine being the next person in line to ask a question. Can you imagine being the UNLV host that has to talk to her right after?

After I was talking to one of the PhDs and she was horrified that someone had the audacity to ask a question like that to someone of her stature. Like if it wasn't THE Maya Angelou it would be OK to ask the question.

I decided not to see Bob Dole the following week.


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