Friday, April 07, 2006

Shabby Sheep

Sheep are icky. They are not like the ones I read about with Bo Peep or I counted. They are dirty, smelly, sticky and part of learning spinning, evidently, is learning to clean this horrible animal.

I made a difficult decision today. I will not be going to Meg Swanson's knitting camp because it starts on the last 2 days of 2 of my classes and ends on the first day of my another class. It just wasn't meant to be this summer.

However, I am going to Camp Pluckyfluff in August. It is over a weekend which is great and it's more local (same time zone.) But the best part-- the camp is on a winery. Evidently the whole town is wine country. Spinning and getting hammered... can't get better than that. I am staying at a B&B , and picked out a room. It seems so quaint. I think I can do quaint. The consensus of friends and family is that I would fit in better at a smoked filled Holiday Inn lounge than playing Yahtzee in the parlor. I can't tell if they say that like it's a bad thing or not. Frankly, besides the drinking, I am looking forward to that whole king size bed to myself (unless I pick up a townie at that local Holiday Inn, but then no spending the night!) No cat, dog, or WHN.

I also decided that I will take workshops at the Taos Wool Festival in October. I think I am going to drive it. It's supposed to be a fairly picturesque drive but not sure how much of it is actually picturesque from Las Vegas to NM. And being about 10 hours, not sure how much picturesque I can stand. But I do want to get into spinning... at least this year. Also it does seem fun to spin the yarn that I knit. Well I guess I'll see how fun it really is. But after dealing with this nasty old fleece, I don't think I will ever go as far back as actual beast. There is just too much crap (literal and figuritive) on the wool. It's referred to as "vegetable matter"-- what a nice euphemism.

So far, over 300 people have signed up for SP8. The increase is most likely due to increased advertising on podcasts. To give you an idea, SP7 was 535 total.

I just like this photo, though it does make Tiffany look more rodenty. And as you may or may not know, ferrets are not rodents, but related to otters, pole cats, weasels... they are actually considered as smart as small primates.

BREAKING NEWS: New Knitty will be out Monday.


Blogger Highland Annie said...

Oooof ! That does have a lot of Vm in it, but its do-able. Pet store, get yourself a metal dog comb, not a slicker brush, just the plain bog standard comb. Stick on a cd, or a movie, handfulls of fleece and gently comb/tease as much of that vegi out as you can, then you'll get bits coming out in the wash, in the carding, in the spinning (its amazing how quick you learn to keep on spinning as you flick bits of hay out)

But.. Through all that hard work you'll also learn patience with your fibre, which is never a bad thing.

I cheat, that fleece i was washing today, comes from a heard of corriedales what wear jackets most of the year to keep as much veggi out, only had 2 pieces of hay to remove from that fleece & the locks to gently flick open of mud using a dog comb, but I have also sucessfully cleaned a shetland fleece that was so full of crap i had to take handfulls of it outside at a time and shake the crap & moss out (the colour was perfect *Shrugs* things we do ) it spun up amazingly after 4 days spent getting the dern thing clean.

There really is no grand way of getting the vegi out, tweezers can help for small bits of dry stuff but I can say....

The more fleeces you clean up, the better you get at selecting fleeces & at cleaning them. !

See if you can find somewhere that will let you try both the wheels you like then decide.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Alyson said...

Because comments from a stranger are always fun...

If you've been to Taos, you already know, but if you've never been to Taos, it's BEAUTIFUL. I spent a good portion of my childhood there and still go back every few years. And it's so arts-oriented I almost can't stand it - there's never enough time to see and do everything I'd want. But the drive from Vegas to Taos? Be prepared for lots and lots and LOTS of brown. One word: Audiobooks.

11:22 AM  

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