Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stuck in the Moonlight

I started Midwest Moonlight and normally, I would have whored through it and been done and showing off pictures however, I am a hugely indecisive person. I started it doing they required amount of repeats, but thought it was too wide, so I pulled it out and re-did it taking away a repeat... now that seems too narrow. So I am stuck until I can stop Goldilocksing myself.

In other news, did find my wallet and as promised now have a little pager on it. (HAHA take that ferrets!)

Am reading AS I LAY DYING. Oi, how I really am not enjoying this book.

I signed up to be a hostess for SP8. I'm not the type that necessarily enjoys this kind of thing, but I like to give back. WOW, didn't that sentence sound martyry. It's not, I will end up enjoying the fact that I did my part. Interesting little gossip/tidbits about SP8... there will be 16 hostesses. Great because people should get extra attention from their assigned hostesses-- bad in the planning phase as I am sure you can guess why. There is talk about having people fill out ratings of their SPs in this round that may or may not affect their partnering in the next round. Also, will last 3.5 months and cost $60 not including postage or time. Evidently hostesses are contending with people complaining not enough contact from their Spoiler.

That's all for now until I can do something interesting or figure out what to post a picture of.


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