Thursday, February 02, 2006

I keep on falling!

I have fallen arches. In fact 3 years ago I torn my achilles tendon and had surgery. I'm supposed to wear orthotics or clogs. I end up wearing cute shoes that I can't wear orthotics with or clogs. I have had the same clogs for ages. A professor told me about her cute new DANSKO clogs, so I ran to Nordies and got a pair. I started wearing them to school and my left ankle keeps giving out on me. If I am lucky my heel just does that bending thing. But, if 'm not lucky. Let's see I fell in front of 2 boys that we're all ARE YOU OKAY MA'AM? My favorite fall was at a outside lunch area. My plastic bag of lunch went flying, my fork skidded, my water bottled rolled, my papers flew and I killed my knee. But you know my ego was too big too hobble or limp off, I sucked it up, gathered my stuff with the help of custodians and refused to limp. Later, my knee swelled and a day later it's still killing me. My normal clogs are even higher so it's not like I am used to the heel. But if I keep tripping and/or falling I am going to get a rep for not being able to hold my liquor. I'll get a nickname like Drunky, Trippy, Fally, Spaz, Dumbass.

So as a "faller" my whole outlook on life has changed. I'm sitting 20 feet from the bathroom... that's 20 opportunities to land on my ass. I judge all floors. Last night going to Costco, my first thought was UG, concrete that's really hard. But maybe if I do fall, I'll slide and then be lucky to hit the pillows section and not the landmower section. Going to my car, have to risk that icky scratchy asphalt. Also, I used to use my hands to carry things, no no no. Not now. I need them to brace the fall and the less contained I am the more things I have to chase after. It's wonderful to have to scrape myself off the pavement to then chase a rolling Aquafina bottle. Or when I carry my cellphone -- it's battery door and the phone like to slide in different directions. My hands now must be free.

It's not like I am trying to walk in stripper heels. These are clogs people!


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