Friday, March 24, 2006

Trying to be clever

So I wanted to keep my spoilee thrown off so I mailed packages to her from various locations around the US. The latest, mailed from Wyatt Earp, CA. My friend on her way to visit her family in Yuma, AZ stopped at this one man operation on the AZ/ CA border.

I love this picture of my friend (who never even questioned taking a box far away to mail) because she is in the picture (as is her truck door) and I am sure her engine was running too. I'm now obsessed with Wyatt Earp, CA. I know California fairly well, but never heard of Earp, CA. What is this magical place? Anna says that the town only has a couple of quickimarts that she is convinced probably sell Ostrich jerky (yet she hasn't seen any ostriches.) Though she doesn't know this for a fact since she says she is too scared to stop...until I asked her to mail a box.

The locals show an entrepeneurial spirit. Anna says they all look like meth heads whose cars have broken down in the town. They settled down and opened boat repairing facilities (Earp is on the shore of Lake Mojave)

She promised me we can visit on our way to down to Mexico (she grew up in a Arizona border town) to buy knock off purses. WOO WOO. (do they sell yarn?)

Actually this is the same friend that has a difficult concept with my knitting. She can't understand that anyone under 60 is doing it and also there is a culture of it. A conversation I had with her a couple of days ago is a good example... I was in a yarn shop waiting for them to wind my cotton chenille. She heard me say to them, BYE WENDY BYE GAIL... and she shouted in shock YOU AND THE YARN SHOP ARE ON FIRST NAME BASIS??? I tried to explain to her that the nature of a yarn shop is different than say knowing the Costco clerk. She was amazed that such old people would be able to remember my name. But Anna, they aren't old.. but who else would work in a yarn shop...It was like trying to explain to my cat... anything.


Blogger trek said...

I did that too - mailed a package from out of state - isn't that neat?

2:28 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

I will post later, and you'll have to check out what happened to my box today before I got home. Thank you so much for your wonderful wonderfulness and kind kindnesses and generous generosity! And, your sneaky sneakiness was fun, too!

3:12 PM  

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