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First FO of 2007

OK so my knitting as been muched slowed since starting this semester. I am taking Latin, which is a pain in the ass, and I completely get why it is a dead language. I think it died a long long time ago because most of the sentences deal with poets, farmers, pirates, and charioteers. These guys spend a lot of time praising and giving flowers. So for all of you that looked at askew at my beer appreciation class, know that I suffer too.

I made a malagaiter for my SIL . I used malabrigo (a fav-- I think it is so much softer than manos) Anyway, my in-laws when they take pics of them modeling my work, they focus on them and not well you know, the stuff I made. I got lots of pictures of them. So instead I am taking a picture of a friend modeling.

Shhh... she doesn't know that I have a blog or that the pics will end up here... but remember the naughty accidental message sent to her dad? This is her. Did I say SHHH? A cautionary tale.. you never know when you'll end up on the internet. If I knew how to black out her eyes, her anon her face, I would, but I don't know and what can I say, my ego to show off my work is the greater influence.

There is this silent poetry read going on, and I thought I would jump in with a poem by Rochester:

The poem apparently dates from late 1673, shortly after Mary of Modena arrived in London. It first appeared in print in 1703 in Poems on Affairs of State.

Signior Dildo

You Ladyes all of Merry England
Who have been to kisse the Dutchesse's hand,
Pray did you lately observe in the Show
A Noble Italian call'd Signior Dildo?
The Signior was one of her Highness's Train
And helpt to Conduct her over the Main,
But now she Crys out to the Duke I will go,
I have no more need for Seignior Dildo.
At the Signe of the Crosse in Saint James's Street,
When next you go thither to make your Selfes Sweet,
By Buying of Powder, Gloves, Essence, or Soe
You may Chance get a Sight of Signior Dildo.
You'l take him at first for no Person of Note
Because he appears in a plain Leather Coat:
But when you his virtuous Abilities know
You'll fall down and Worship Signior Dildo.
My Lady Southesk, Heav'ns prosper her for't,
First Cloath'd him in Satten, then brought him to Court;
But his Head in the Circle, he Scarcely durst Show,
So modest a Youth was Signior Dildo.
The good Lady Suffolk thinking no harm,
Had got this poor Stranger hid under her Arm:
Lady Betty by Chance came the Secret to know,
And from her own Mother, Stole Signior Dildo:
The Countesse of Falmouth, of whom People tell
Her Footmen wear Shirts of a Guinea an Ell:
Might Save the Expence, if she did but know
How Lusty a Swinger is Signior Dildo.
By the Help of this Gallant the Countesse of Rafe
Against the feirce Harris preserv'd her Self Safe:
She Stifl'd him almost beneath her Pillow,
So Closely she imbrac'd Signior Dildo.
Our dainty fine Dutchesse's have got a Trick
To Doat on a Fool, for the Sake of his Prick,
The Fopps were undone, did their Graces but know
The Discretion and vigor of Signior Dildo.
That Pattern of Virtue, her Grace of Cleaveland,
Has Swallow'd more Pricks, then the Ocean has Sand,
But by Rubbing and Scrubbing, so large it do's grow,
It is fit for just nothing but Signior Dildo.
The Dutchesse of Modena, tho' she looks high,
With such a Gallant is contented to Lye:
And for fear the English her Secrets shou'd know,
For a Gentleman Usher took Signior Dildo.
The countess of the Cockpit (who knows not her Name)
She's famous in Story, for a Killing Dame:
When all her old Lovers forsake her I Trow
She'l then be contented with Signior Dildo.
Red Howard, Red Sheldon, and Temple so tall
Complain of his absence so long from Whitehall:
Signior Barnard has promis'd a Journy to goe,
And bring back his Countryman Signior Dildo.
Doll Howard no longer with his Highness must Range,
And therefore is profer'd this Civill Exchange:
Her Teeth being rotten, she Smells best below,
And needs must be fitted for Signior Dildo.
St Albans with Wrinkles and Smiles in his Face
Whose kindnesse to Strangers, becomes his high Place,
In his Coach and Six Horses is gone to Pergo,
To take the fresh Air with Signior Dildo.
Were this Signior but known to the Citizen Fopps
He'd keep their fine Wives from the Foremen of Shops,
But the Rascalls deserve their Horns shou'd Still grow,
For Burning the Pope, and his Nephew Dildo.
Tom Killigrews wife, North Hollands fine Flower,
At the Sight of this Signior, did fart, and Belch Sow'r,
And her Dutch Breeding farther to Show,
Says welcome to England, myn Heer Van Dildo.
He civilly came to the Cockpitt one night,
And profer'd his Service to fair Madam Knight,
Quoth she, I intrigue with Captain Cazzo
Your Nose in myne Arse good Seignior Dildo.
This Signior is sound, safe, ready, and Dumb,
As ever was Candle, Carret, or Thumb:
Then away with these nasty devices, and Show
How you rate the just merits of Signior Dildo.
Count Cazzo who carryes his Nose very high,
In Passion he Swore, his Rivall shou'd Dye,
Then Shutt up himself, to let the world know,
Flesh and Blood cou'd not bear it from Signior Dildo.
A Rabble of Pricks, who were welcome before,
Now finding the Porter deny'd 'em the Door,
Maliciously waited his coming below,
And inhumanely fell on Signior Dildo.
Nigh weary'd out, the poor Stranger did fly
And along the Pallmall, they follow'd full Cry,
The Women concern'd from every Window,
Cry'd, Oh! for Heavn's sake save Signior Dildo.
The good Lady Sandys, burst into a Laughter
To see how the Ballocks came wobbling after,
And had not their weight retarded the Fo
Indeed 't had gone hard with Signior Dildo.

It was either this one or his premature ejaculation piece, "The Imperfect Enjoyment" Ah well, there's always next year.



Blogger Amy said...


6:34 AM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Ha! Not only do you out her on your blog - but you do it on a day you also post a poem about a dildo! Too funny!

7:13 AM  
Blogger Kerry said...

I love this pattern! I think I'm going to have to whip one up. As soon as I finish the other 50 million projects I have going. LOL

9:22 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Very cute Malagaitor.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Christy J said...

Re your recent comment on my blog: The Silk Garden in the scarf is col.74 and the Kureyon in the bag is col. 166. The Kureyon has more blue, purple, turquoise that I skipped to include more greens. FYI: I was a Latin and Classical Studies major. The Latin poets are way more cool than the middle ages English. Here's a short poem for you by Catullus #70:

She swears she'd rather marry me
Than anyone - even Jupiter,
Supposing he were courting her.
She swears; but what a girl will swear
To the man who loves her ought to be
Scribbled on water, scrawled on air.

9:52 AM  

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