Sunday, August 12, 2007

Homespun boucle

Today at my local quilt shop's spin-a-long, we made boucle yarn. It takes three plies to do it. I am not sure what I would knit with it, but I should come up with something, because I LOVE TO SPIN IT!! It was so much fun. But enough of me rattling on, here are pics:
boucle getting spun

boucle 1st ply
First ply next to roving unspun roving in same color

boucle 2nd ply
Second ply

boucle 3rd ply
Third ply

finished boucle
Better or worse, finished boucle.

knitted boucle sample
Knitted boucle

As much as I would like to stay home and practice my boucle making skills, I am going to the Stray Cats and Pretenders show. Oh yeah and ZZ Top will be there, but I hope to be well plastered by the time they come on so hopefully it won't matter by then who is on stage. Ug ZZ Top.



Blogger Jinann said...

That is so cool! Wow! I really like the depth it gives. Oh, would that make a gorgeous/thick/warm "winter jacket".....hmmmmm.

So...what are the basic steps for each ply? I'd LOVE to know!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

Hey, that looks great! I've thought about learning to spin, but never really devoted much time and energy to it. Where is it that you go to spin (the local quilt shop)?

5:43 PM  
Anonymous daniella said...

I see that you live in Las Vegas (as do I) so I am curious, WHERE IS THIS QUILT SHOP!?! I really really want to learn to spin, but haven't found a LYS that is easy to get to that offers it at times I can attend. (the only one I've found at all is Wooly Wonders.)

6:16 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

My local quilt shop Nancy's Quilt shop (on Buffalo/Cheyenne for you locals) Though primarily a quilt shop, they sell yarn, patterns, and roving. BARB the knitting and spinning person has created a lively and popular knitting group (and now spinning.) Check online or call for Barb's schedule, because she is the only knit/spin person there. Spinning happens on the 2nd Sat of each month. There are new spinners and really REALLY experienced ones. You can learn the basics here FREE. For someone that doesnt live near a place they can learn, a DVD, Spinning Wool: Basics & Beyond: Wheels, Fiber Preparation and Spinning Techniques, Zawistoski, 102min is a great resource. It goes into a lot of detail and assumes no prior knowledge. I like it. I haven't seen the new Teach Yourself Visual Handspinning.

Thanks so mach for your comments!

9:56 PM  
Blogger missfee said...

that yarn is amazing - it is like astrcan - not spelt right - my grandmother had a jacket out of it from the 60's - but the colour you spun is amazing and the texture!!!!
I want to spin too :)

12:18 AM  
Blogger Knit said...

Hi! This is your Secret Pal here! Just dropping in to say hi, and to tease you a little about all of the wonderful things I am planning!

Have a great day, and get ready for some fun!! :)

1:37 PM  
Blogger Soulknitting said...

That yarn is so incredibly beautiful!!! What are you going to make?

I want to learn to spin! I have the spin along date at Nancy's on my calendar, I just have to GET there. Soon I hope. Hopefully you'll have a sample of this yarn so I can see it in real life!

10:23 AM  

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