Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Injury Update

First, I feel very posh having someone type my blog for me. Even posher because this person is not related!

My hand is still healing from the fractures. OMIGOD I'm so tempted to rip my cast off and scratch, let my arm breathe, let me sleep better, to look cuter, to wear a bracelet, to knit etc etc. It's not that I never appreciated my right hand, but I have now realized what a free ride my left hand has been on. That hand is useless! Everything takes 5 times longer with lefty.

I have got a few more weeks in this and then back to the brace for another month at least. I will be still have to use the brace part time for months to come. Yea me.

People have been so great to me! From typing for me to proofing my left handed writing attempts to foraging in and out of my bag at school. Even though I can't write, I still pull out my notepad and pen. I would like to think that the others aren't looking at me like an idiot, but grad students are merciless. Nonetheless, people are taking notes for me. I have to admit that there are times where I think they should be writing and aren't. I want to tap their arm and say, "shouldn't you be writing that down??" I am not sure how long I would be able to get away with that with casual acquaintances, as at home, the whole injured thing is wearing thin:

Today I felt mopey because I wanted to dye, but I needed help. I then thought I wanted to play in the garden. I blame not being able to do this on my hand, but I know, it's winter in the desert. But somehow that is my hand's fault too!

I saw this book at the store today: The $64 Tomato: How One Man Nearly Lost his Sanity, Spent a Fortune, and Endured an Existential Crisis in the Quest for the Perfect Garden WOW I didn't know you could grow tomatoes so cheaply! I spend much more trying to get tomatoes to grow, and well, each year I miserably obsess and fail. I have over 20 kinds of heirloom seeds and they represent hundreds of little chips in my heart. But I guess it's a little early to start growing seeds even inside. I say to WHN I wish there was a Smith & Hawken here so I can get a 50% off orchid. He says, "Oh I think the orchids in S&H are just finally feeling secure that La Diabla isn't coming to get them!" La Diabla?! But I ignored this, and said "I just want something that is within my physical ability to take care of and maybe will get results from this time and feel some level of satis--" "and dress it up and take it shopping," he interrupts my waxing romantically. Obviously, the empathy for my predicament wanes.

I was disappointed to have to give up my group. Checking blogs and the amount of coherent emailing was completely out of the question. But Jenn stepped in, and I am sure sent a wonderfully welcoming and coherent email embracing them and hopefully left them thinking NicWho?

On a personal SP note, I came out to my spoilee LaFujiMama. Besides learning all sorts of things about Japan, she edited most of my papers this semester (and will continue to do so!) So good for me getting a spoilee that was confused on who should be spoiling who! I totally lucked out! I don't get opportunities for law school grads such as her to read my papers, and bonus! if I ever snap at WHN mouthing off like above, I got my defense attorney sorted. She is also a former competitive ballroom dancer, so now I feel like I have my own Carrie Ann Inaba when I watch Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance etc! I plan on keeping her.

Wait! I think that is her emailing me now! Gotta go!

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Yeah, you've got me wrapped around your little finger! :-)

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