Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm OK, You're OK

I stayed home alone tonight to finally felt stuff that has been sitting around, plus a couple new things. Now my knitting friends here will cry, STAYED HOME TO DO WHAT??? I'm sure I am not the only one to have THAT convo with friends. Afterwards I will get sympathy invitations and if I say no, the accusatory reply is YOU'RE NOT GOING TO STAY HOME TO KNIT ARE YOU?

I've never minded seeing a movie on my own. I can eat out alone. I can go to a bar or see a show alone. I am A-OK with it. So much so that while all the other couples are out on their date night, WHN and I are buying tickets together but to separate flicks- what can I say, we can't always want to see the same movie (we switch off who gets to wait when they dont completely coincide) Anyway, if you want to have a test of I'M OK ALL BY MYSELF: On a Fri/Sat (Sat I notice you get more looks) go to a romantic comedy and sit in there and knit before the movie starts. There will be a sea of pathetic, sad, "look at the lonelyheart" and the "put down your needles and get out of this theater and go find yourself somebody." Somedays even I want to have a shirt that says, "I'm not alone, he's seeing some crappy movie next door"

So anyway, I stayed home felting while doing the chick TV thing, watching YOU'VE GOT MAIL. (The ferrets were great big pills and have been sleeping all night. Just as well because one of their fun games is to run behind the washing machine and dryer when we have the closet open. Laundry takes forever when you have to stop all the machines and wait, while you look uninterested at what they are doing so they will come out far enough to be grabbed. I think they enjoy that everything comes to a grinding hault because of their actions.)

Hidden Message? This scene is after Joe really pursues Kathleen. This is the day where Joe decides he is going to fess up. Part of his ploy, if you will remember is to ridicule the email guy (him) and play himself up.

Besides the fact below it says, "we're talking," next to them there is an erect hotdog saying THE BEST HOTDOG. This scene and the next scene both have Joe talking to her about picking a guy. Maybe I have spent too many Sat nights alone felting or in a movie theater.

After I watched SVU, one of my friends thinks I'm nutsy but she also doesn't believe Stabler and Benson slept together... "we got too close" "I've lost everything, I dont want to lose you" "I put you ahead of the job..." COME ON!! Subtext people, subtext.

Cat question. If I sit somewhere and then get up or even if I get up in the middle of the night to just go to the bathroom, the still alive and well cat jumps and takes my spot. I say he does it because he wants the warm spot. WHN says it's a dominance thing-- actually he says, "he's showing you you're his bitch" You know a couch wouldnt cause me this grief.

notice how guilty that little MF looks.
OKAY, I know in theory I don't want to Oprah people and give them little lessons here and there or recommend things to try, but I guess in practice I am an egomaniac, so I guess the follow-up to my little movie discussion, is beer recommendations for those who don't like beer. If you like the taste of hard cider (I LOVE hard cider... seriously, it's my fav alcoholic beverage) or a sour taste, try Geueze . If you dont like the taste of beer at all, give this lambic a try: Lindemans Framboise it's like a raspberry soda and kriek beer tastes like it should be poured on pancakes it is so cherry.

My beer homework: I have to bring in a beer drinking game that we can play in class. It can't be quarters, asshole, I Never, or illegal. Anyone remember any obscure ones or can make one up?


Blogger Jenn said...

This isn't obscure but.....

We would watch a movie, say Clueless, and everyone would have to drink everythime someone said "like".

example: "I was going, Like, to the mall."


Ok so I never watched THAT movie and did that. But you get the picture.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Mylerna said...

My kitties do that too :) Then when I get back in the bed they lay between my hubby and I, put their feet on him and try to push me over so they have more room...

I love my kitties.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Miss Priss Knits said...

HAHAHAHA @ Somedays even I want to have a shirt that says, "I'm not alone, he's seeing some crappy movie next door"You are to funny! I watched a movie alone once I was out with some friends at this bar by a theater I was to drunk to drive so sat and watched Bridget Jones Diary. Knowing I couldn't get anyone to watch it with me.

There was this beer game called 3 man. I don't remember exactly how it goes but something to do with drinks of course and wearing a hat. I will call my friend and email the details.:)

2:23 PM  
Blogger The Queen said...

One of the not listed ones, we played in college was to Princess Bride -- drink every time he says, "As you wish."

7:20 PM  

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