Monday, June 12, 2006

Updates, Q&A, and a confession

Computer problems
My laptop died (karma I'm sure) but not really, it can be repaired. The little pin that plugs into the computer to charge it broke off into the hole. Evidently there are no tweasers in the world that can fix this problem and it either goes to MAC for repair ($300) or we wait until Tues and go to a MAC authorized repair shop ($125). With the savings ;) we decided to go out and buy a brand spanking new computer which I am currently typing this entry on. Now WHN and I will have out own laptops and will use IMs and text messenging as our own form of communication. In the store they were telling me about a program they have where I can get 52 hours of lessons on how to do stuff on my computer. I think I will sign up for it, but OK, so I study English, yet the words fail me at critical times. I want a specific guy to do the lessons because he seems the most clever. I can't remember his name, but he has a dodgy eye (real dodgy) So when I go to book an appointment how do I describe him... the guy with the one eye that looks at you and the other that looks for you? I mean that is his most distinguishing characteristic. It's not like I can describe well he has sandy hair... he's not that tall... I mean come on... but I dont want to be insensitive you know?

Answers to questions
Because I havent had computer access I haven't had the opportunity to answer a couple of questions
Beer class satisfies general electives. It's the binge drinker's answer to underwater basketweaving. It is also a requirement for Food and Beverage majors. Now they (FAB) have some sweet classes. They also have the wine requirment, the distilled beverage requirement, and a class that I would have taken if I had the time, Food and Culture, where students are taken to the fine dining restaurants in LV (remember LV is now considered a culinary capitol) to eat. Other popular electives include: bartending, dealing (craps, poker, blackjack etc) and Sports book management. Neat huh?

WHN was born in Belfast and moved to Co. Meath (outside of Dublin) when he was a child. We met in school years back and badda bing badda boom.... Las Vegas suits him because (1) it's small and rural enough for him while still having a city (important to me) (2) Irish love garish tacky things-- bright lights and trashy decor appeal to his Irish sensibility. (Dont believe me? Think of how many U2 CD covers (plus video) show Vegas or desert outside of Vegas- do you think they picked Joshua Tree because they like cactii?? HAH!

I'm old
Speaking of Irish, one of WHNs favorite bands, The Pogues, are coming to town. Ofcourse he wants to be down there in the thick of things... pushing and being pushed in throngs of drunken, smelly, sweaty, Irish people bouncing around. WHN waxed on about remember when he went and was knocked out and Steve (a 6'20" HUGE guy) carried him out over his shoulder??! "That was fookin' amazing!" OI. Good times. My days down there in the pit with the masses are over. I got nothing to prove. I've seen acts like The Ramones, Black Flag, TSOL, Dead Kennedies... however, at this point dusting off my Docs... ugh. So instead, I've opted for front row of the balcony where I can sit back with an umbrella drink and watch the mayhem below. WHN will be down there and if he gets knocked out, when he is revived he can call me at the local Starbucks or wine bar to come and get him. And btw, Shane McGowan is notorious for picking fights with audience members. That was cute when tickets were $20 a pop, but I just paid $121 for both tickets, so his little McAss better stay on stage all night. No starting fights and storming off at those prices.

CONFESSIONAL (Crafty Weasel don't read)
I go an extra mile past Petco to go to Pet Smart. The Petco near us smells funny and as poor customer service. I take the ferrets because they are so popular with the help there. WHN is horrified that when I walk in the check out clerks take the ferrets from me while I shop. He sees it at me willingly abandoning them to strangers. I argue that pet shop employees are the same as vets except without the schooling. And the ferrets look so cute walking on the conveyor belt. The ferrets are fine with them... or so I thought (seriously CW, if you are reading this, you might want to stop now) sooo Suzie Clerk asks if they like dogs, and I said we have one and they get along OK. I was just making conversation you know? She took this to start introducing Babette to dogs while I wasnt near. She brought Babette up to a TERRIER's (you know the dog that it's part of their breed to hunt small animals) nose and the dog SNAPPED! Luckily Babette was pulled back pretty fast, but her little heart was going fast when I got to her and she looked petrified. Ooopsies. I came home and didn't say a word about it to WHN because do I really want that little event rubbed in? Will a lecture really help Babette? I think not. We'll all came home a little wiser and that's good enough. I mean what would it help WHN if he became paranoid that the ferrets weren't safe in my care?


Blogger Miss Priss Knits said...

Now I am having flash backs after you mentioned Joshua Tree. We lived in 29 Palms for 3 years before here and during the summers I thought I arrived to the closest point to hell. 120 summers aren't my fancy.

So did you get another mac? It's going to cost me more to fix mine then replace it so can't wait to see the new models in action soon.:)If you did get one let me know how its going.

OMG @ Petsmart I would have had a heart attack. And flipped out at the clerk after. Least the little one is ok and no real harm done. But I am sure she will not be wanting to be around any new dogs anytime soon.

2:01 AM  
Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

Oh Polli. I read it. I was warned. And still I read it. You bad bad bad weasely mother. I hope you gave your poor baby lots of nutrical and yoggies when you got home. And cuddles. And kisses. Oh. :-p (that's me sticking my tongue out to you, LOL).

Now... so are you Irish as well? Did I ever say I married in Ireland? And that we listen to a lot of traditional Irish music? And that my second favourite band (of course) is U2? LOL.

7:10 AM  
Blogger The Crafty Weasel said...

OHHHH I wore doc martens for yearrrsss! I had the 8-eyelet boots!! LOL LOL LOL!

7:11 AM  
Blogger The Queen said...

First, do we think it is a sign of age or maturity to not wish to be in the pit anymore? I'm proud of you for still going and sitting far above the fray. I however have gotten to the point I'm so old -- those kids with their loud music these days.
Poor Babette. I feel so sorry for her. My kittys feel sorry for her. That is trauma for you. But for the record the CLERKS at PetSmart aren't like vet assistants without the schooling they are like grocery store clerks for animals. See the important difference here?
Finally, congrats on the new MAC. I'm so green with envy it isn't funny. I love the new magnet connection; I don't think I had my MAC 6 months before I bent my power cord and had to replace it. Fortunately the pin didn't break off -- now I'm thanking all my lucky stars.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

poor little thing hope she recovers from the shock of that rude dog!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Jinann said...

Poor Babette! My Shepherd-Huskie mix would have protected her! (Her favorite buddies are 2 little Shitzu's (sp) - Rusty and Cujo.)


11:09 AM  

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